Friday, August 19, 2011

Digital picture recovery software- MiniTool Power Data Recovery

As the primary manner to store pictures, digital picture is playing an indispensable role in our daily life currently. Picture could express more information intuitionally far beyond what character can. Therefore, to search an efficient way to manage pictures has become the most concerned issue for user. Ordinary picture management protects virus attack and encrypts files. However, many pictures will get lost. Fortunately, now we have solution to recover those lost pictures, namely MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. for user to recover data from diverse data loss scenarios. User could download MiniTool Power Data Recovery at MiniTool Power Data Recovery Download Center.

Functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
The end of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is to recover lost data for user from diverse circumstances of data loss. Detailedly, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is to help user recover accidentally deleted data from formatted, lost partition and all sorts of storage media. Moreover, MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers data recovery solution to many specific file types which is what other free data recovery doesn't have. Besides, the Bootable CD of MiniTool Power Data Recovery could recover lost data when operating system is not available. MiniTool Power Data Recovery also provides CD recovery function.
Now user may doubt whether MiniTool Power Data Recovery has such powerful functions. Therefore, I prepared a demonstration for user to exhibit the real function of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

In this interface, user could see the five function modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

1. "Undelete recovery" could recover deleted file from diverse storage media and open storage media to see deleted files directly.

2. "Damaged partition recovery" could recover lost files from formatted and virus-stricken partition.

3. "Lost partition recovery" could recover data from lost or deleted partition.

4. "Digital media recovery" could recover data from portable storage devices such as memory card of digital camera, MP4 and memory stick, etc.

5. "CD/DVD recovery" could recover lost data from al kind of discs like CD / DVD / BD / HD DVD.

In this interface, user should check those desired files and click "Save Files" to store them into assigned path.
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