Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to to protect hard disk

Disk damage would lead to data loss since it is the major storage medium on computer, to protect your data, here are some ways to protect your hard disk, details as follow:

1. Keep computer clean
Hyperfine filter paper spiracles of hard disk connects outside space, can be used in indoor environment without decontamination plant or it would be absorbed to PCBA surface, spindle motor in dusty environment, subsequently blocking spiracle.

2. Move hard disk correctly and be cautious to shock

It is recommended to move hard disk after it stops working for dozens of seconds. Besides, don't move hard disk and case while starting computer operating system. Pay close attention to install or dismantle hard disk and wrap it with sponge when moving.

3. Keep away from virus

Hard disk is the primary target of virus attack. User should utilize the latest anti-virus software to detect and kill viruses. Furthermore, user should periodically protect and backup important data. Never use any unknown software.

4. Don't perform low-level formatting easily
Never perform low-level formatting on hard disk easily to avoid unnecessary influence to disc.

5. Avoiding performing high-level formatting
High-level formatting would equally affect disc performance. User could employ "Q" parameter quick formatting command without repartitioning. 

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