Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The structure of hard disk

Magnetic head
It is the most expensive component of hard disk as well as the most important and crucial link of hard disk technology. MR Head namely magneto resistive head adopts separating structure with write head employs traditional magnetic induction head and read head uses new MR Head. Therefore, designer could optimize both depending on their distinctive features to obtain the best read or write performance.

Magnetic track
If magnetic stays at certain location when disk is rotating, every magnetic will draw a round track. This is called magnetic track which is invisible with naked eyes since it is magnetic magnetized by specific manners. A piece of 1.44MB 3.5inch floppy disk has 80 tracks while hard disk has tens of thousands of magnetic tracks.

It is a physical subdivision of space on disk, specifically a subdivision of a "track". Every sector could store 512 bytes information. Disk drive reads and writes data on disk in sectors.

Hard disk is constituted by stacks of discs and every disc is divided into equal number of tracks and is numbered from outer rim "0". Those tracks with same number would form a cylinder, namely disk cylinder.

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