Monday, October 31, 2011

How to swap partition?

 For Linux users, swap partition may be important. swap partitions is crucial to Linux servers, especially web servers. By using swap partitions, server performance can be greatly improved.

A swap space can be simply interpreted by the following paragraph. Swap space is an area on a disk that temporarily holds a process memory image. When physical memory demand is sufficiently low, process memory images are brought back into physical memory from the swap area on disk. Having sufficient swap space enables the system to keep some physical memory free at all times.

Nowadays, only a few partition software can support Linux partitions, and they are very expensive.

Fortunately, a reliable and cost saving partition manager is released by MT solution. MiniTool Partition Manager can support Linux partitions and make these partitions seen intuitively on your computers, making your Linux partition management easy and safe.

More powerful functions for Linux would be featured on upcoming versions of MiniTool Partition Manager. Go to for more information.

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