Monday, October 31, 2011

primary partitions and logical partitions

Partitions re divided into primary partitions and logical partitions. We can create at most four primary partitions on a hard disk. Most computer users create only one primary partition and many logical partitions. You can see everything clearly from the screen shot of MiniTool Partition Manager.

The primary partition is only for the installation of system. Thus, if you want to install several Operating Systems on your computers, you need to create several primary partitions for these Operating Systems.

The process of creating partitions should be carried out by a partition manager. As we all know, system partition is very important for your computers. If there are any improper operations on the system partition, fatal errors could occur and your system would be unbootable.

As a computer user, you may find that your data is lost due to power failure or some other operation problems. You may find your hard disk to be unreadable. What will you do?

Partition Wizard is a professional partition manager that provides important functions in both partition management and data recovery. Go to for more information.

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