Sunday, October 30, 2011

The basic difference among six editions of windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. This operating system has six editions: Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, and Windows 7 Ultimate. Their differences are illustrated below:

Windows 7 Starter (limited distribution)
Broad application and device compatibility with up to three concurrent applications.
Safe, reliable, and supported.
Home Group makes it easy to share media, documents and printers across multiple PCs in offices without a domain.
Improved taskbar and Jump Lists.

Note: Don't confuse "three concurrent applications" with the old "concurrent connections" from the desktop operating system limitations - this is different; this is effectively "three concurrent applications" running at the same time.

Windows 7 Home Basic (emerging market only)
All of the functionality listed above in Starter Edition plus Live thumbnail previews and enhanced visual experience. Advanced networking support (ad-hoc wireless networks and internet connection sharing). Mobility Center is included.

Windows 7 Home Premium
All of the functionality listed above in Starter and Home Basic Editions plus Aero Glass and advanced windows navigation. Easy networking and sharing across all your PCs and devices. Improved media format support, enhancements to Windows Media Center and media streaming, including Play To. Multi-touch and improved handwriting recognition.

Windows 7 Professional
All of the functionality listed above in Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium Editions. Domain Join enables simple and secure server networking. Encrypting File System protects data with advanced network backup. Location Aware Printing helps find the right printer when moving between the office and home.

Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate
All of the functionality listed above in Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Professional Editions. Bit Locker protects data on removable devices. Direct Access links users to corporate resources from the road without a virtual private network (VPN). Branch Cache makes if faster to open files and Web pages from a branch office. AppLocker easily restricts unauthorized software and enables greater security.

Moreover, Windows 7 partitions are different from that of other operating systems. Thus, few partition software can support Windows 7 partitions. There are only two software that can support Windows 7 partitions.

The only two software that can currently support Windows 7 partitions are Partition Wizard and Paragon Partition Manager. However, Paragon Partition Manager is expensive, and it has no free edition available for home users. If you want to do partition management with Paragon Partition Manager, it would probably cost you at least $69.

However, things are different with MiniTool Partition Manager.

MiniTool Partition Manager is available for absolutely FREE for home users and Professional users.

As the leading partition manager, Partition Wizard has many functions in partition management. With MiniTool Partition Manager, you can perform the following operations in seconds: Move/Resize Partition, Merge Partition, Change Cluster Size, Copy Partition, Create Partition, Delete Partition, Format Partition, Convert File System, Hide/Unhide Partition, Explore Partition, Partition Recovery, Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk and much more. All these operation would be carried out under a data protection mode, so you need never worry about data loss due to any reason.

Some more advanced functions include: rebuild MBR, convert DPT (disk partition table) format from MBR to GTP, and recover data, move/resize system partitions, convert file systems and much more.

MiniTool Partition Manager support both MBR and GUID partition table format running on 32/64 bits operating system, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and the latest Windows 7.

This partition software can take the place of Partition Table Doctor, Partition Magic as well as Paragon Partition Manager.

Partition Wizard is much more powerful than other partition software in the same class, such as Paragon Partition Manager Server edition. Partition Wizard Server Edition is also available at a much lower price.

Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.0 is a powerful free partition manager available both home users.

With a price of $129, Partition Wizard Server Edition is an inexpensive and effective solution to server partition management.

As a partition manager with powerful functions and excellent performance, Partition Wizard is available for you on the website:

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