Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to perform RAID hard drive recovery?

Along with the improvement of computer technology and product cost reduction, hard drive performance has been drastically lifted and RAID, hard drive formerly almost exclusive to superior server, is largely utilized on personal computer due to the popularization of RAID chip. Whereas, relevant issues are also inflicted with the prevailing of RAID, among which RAID hard drive recovery is the most prominent one as any data loss scenario could probably result in costly consequence. Then how could user perform RAID hard drive recovery? As far as current technology has explored, turning to third-party data recovery to perform RAID hard drive recovery is the comparatively better solution. Speaking of data recovery software, I would like to recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery which perfectly supports RAID recovery.

Strong points of Raid
Let’s first take a look at the strong points of RAID before coming to MiniTool Power Data Recovery:
The adoption of RAID brings vast benefits to storage system among which the enhanced transfer rate and fault-tolerant functions are the most outstanding features.
By using multiple disks, RAID transfer rate is improved and the data throughput of storage system is elevated by allowing several disks to store and read data simultaneously.
By virtue of data verification, RAID offers fault-tolerant function since ordinary hard drive doesn’t cover this function.

Possible elements leading to RAID data loss
1. Error on RAID disk array card.
2. Physical disk error such as bad track, disk error, overlong responsive time.
3. Abrupt powerful failure without UPS protection.
4. Boot operating system or blindly modify array information after mistaking hard disk order.
5. Reconfigure RAID information.
6. Unstable power supply, leading to disk array information loss.
7. Improper operations.
8. Virus attack.

Perform hard drive recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Visit to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery for free and then install it to computer before performing hard drive recovery.
Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery meet the following interface:

Select “Damaged Partition Recovery” to perform hard drive data recovery.

Select the damaged partition, then we can perform two different operations: firstly, click “Open” to check out whether we can find lost data; or secondly, click “Full Scan” to scan partition and search files.  Here, click “Full Scan”.

After scan, user will come to this interface where plenty of partitions are listed, then select the highest suggested partition and click “Show Files”.

Last, check all desired files and click “Save Files” to save recovered data to appointed location.

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