Thursday, November 3, 2011

Partition management, managing your partition table better

Partitioning on Windows Servers may be one of the most important jobs carried out by IT administrators. Partition work for servers is a really demanding job, because if any improper operation were to occur, you will be at a risk of losing all-important data. So server partition management has always been a headache for most IT administrators.

However, now everything has changed because a professional Partition Manager for servers has been released:

Partition Wizard Server Edition - Professional Partition Manager for servers

Partition Wizard Server Edition is a professional Partition Manager specially design for server users. With this Professional Partition Manager, you can perform basic and advanced partition operations very easily. During the process, you will have no worry about losing data because everything is protected under Enhanced Protecting System. With powerful functions, you can create and deleted partitions, resize and move partitions, copy partition, copy disk, format partitions, hide and unhide partitions, set active partition, and much more.

Partition Wizard Server Edition - A Professional Partition Manager makes your partition work easy.

Partition Wizard Server Edition has a very simple and user friendly interface that makes your partition work easy.

Here is the interface of our Professional Partition Manager - Partition Wizard Server Edition 

You can click the button "partition" or right click the selected partition, and you will see a menu. You can perform all operation you want with the menu.

Partition Wizard Server Edition - A Professional Partition Manager makes your partition work safe.

As a Professional Partition Manager, Partition Wizard Server Edition enables users to resize/move the partition on servers, including the system partition, with no data loss. All changes of server partition can be previewed before applied to hard disk and all data is completely protected during all operations. Partition Wizard is designed with a principle of accuracy and safety.

Download a free demo to try out Partition Wizard Server Edition for yourself.

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