Thursday, December 15, 2011

After formatting, files also can be recovered by data recovery software

To prevent deleted files from being recovered by other people, users may wipe partition files by formatting partitions. However, is it completely deleted from hard disk by formatting partitions? In fact, it is not this case, fomatted files from the partitions still can be recovered by some professional data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Here, this data recovery software is not introduced to maliciously recover other people’s private files, but to help users find lost important files from accidentally formatted partitions. The essence of fomatting partitions is unveiled below to help users understand why MiniTool Power Data Recovery can recover files from fomatted partitions.

Essence of fomatting partition
In daily life, formatting means high-level formatting to partitions. Correspondingly, there is low-level formatting, these two are completely different operations. Here, we only talk about high-level formatting. When users execute high-level formatting to a certain partition, it’s not to simlpely delete all the files from the partition. Actually, high-level formatting has plenty of of functions. It can be said that high-level formatting is operation in allusion to file system. When you use Format command to execute high-level formatting to partitions, mainly tasks includes below items:
1. Logically number the sectors from cylinder specified by each logical drive.
2. Create Dos Boot Record on basic partition.
3. Establish file allocation table on each logical drive.
4. Set up file drictory table and DATA conrresponding to root drictory.
The reason why high-level formatting causes entire files loss from partitions is that it executes initialization operation to DBR, FAT, FDT and DATA accoding to specified file systems. However, the initialization operation never means formatted files in the partition permanently disappear from the disk. During initialization operation, operating system empties file index, which prevents operating system from finding files from the partitions. But it doesn’t mean other software can not find these files. Meanwhile, operating system doesn’t perform any operations to data area, so these lost files caused by formatting are still stored in hard disk partitions. This is the reason why files on partition which has been executed high-level formatting can be recovered.

Data in formatted partition still can be recovered
Currently, there are various data recovery software on the market, many of which are developed by amateur programmers. These data recovery software can only recover lost files caused by deleting and many of them has very sole function so that you can not recover files from formatted partition with them. However, if users use professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery, supports will be provided to help you find files in formatted partition. MiniTool Power Data Recovery has broken through addressing mode of operating system, and has ability to scan out files marked as deleted status by operating system. So it is able to recover files from formatted partition. Detailed operation demo is shown below to explain how to recover files from formatted partition with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recover files from formatted partition with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is professional data recovery software which is free for individual and home users. You can visit official website of the software to download it. After that, please install software on the partition which is not to be recovered, and then run MiniTool Partition Data Recovedry to enter its main interface: 

To recover files from formatted partition, please click “Damaged Partition Recovery” function module to enter interface below:

Select formatted partition in partition list, then click “Full Scan” on left of the interface. The software will execute full scan to partitions; after that, the following interface will appear: 

This interface shows possible status of the previous partition, select the one with highest matching degree (Caution: Usually the first one). And then click “Show Files” to gain file result scanned out of from the partition.

On this interface, users can see files in formatted partition, select files to be recovered. And then click “Save Files” to enter Save Files interface.

On Save Files interface, clisk “ Browse” to set detailed files storage location, then click “OK”, the software will help you recover files to specified location.

Through above operation demo, users can clearly learn that partition formatted doesn’t mean files in formatted partition can not be recovered. Only when files in the partition are overwritten will it never be recovered by any data recovery software. Thus once you find the partitions are accidentally formatted, immediately stop executing any write operation, or else MiniTool Power Data Recovery can not ensure files can be recovered from formatted partition.

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