Friday, December 2, 2011

Copy Disk to Protect Data with Partition Wizard

Did you know that you can use the copy disk function in MiniTool Partition Manager to protect your data?

Partition Wizard is a Professional Partition Manager that allows disk copy without any risk of data loss.

Partition Wizard Home Edition is a free Partition Manager for home users. Other editions are available for different users, such as Professional edition for Professional users, server edition for server users, and enterprise edition for enterprise users.

If you are interested in this powerful Partition Manager, feel free to download a version of Partition Wizard at our Download Centre.

The powerful disk copy function on MiniTool Partition Manager makes it possible to copy disks file by file rather than sector by sector, which is quicker and more efficient.

Whenever you want to perform disk copy, first launch MiniTool Partition Manager.

1. Select the disks you would like to copy.

2. Click the button Wizard and choose Disk Copy Wizard or Partition Copy Wizard. You can also click the quick button Copy on the function menu. At this time the program will check whether the source disk is all right to be copied in the very beginning of the disk copy process.

3. If this is done, please click "next" to continue. At this time you need to choose the target disk.

4.Click "Next" and you the copying process will commence. The target disk will be identical to the source disk and a detailed report will be made.

5. Click next and you're done.

You see, this disk copy software is easy to use and no IT in-depth knowledge is required. Besides disk copy, partition copy is also a function included in Partition Wizard. You may copy any of your important partitions to make a cloned one.

Partition Wizard is a powerful Partition Manager that allows disk copy without data loss. Partition Wizard can support disks up to 2TB. What's more, Partition Wizard works perfectly well with up to 32 hard disks in Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating systems. Its most outstanding feature is its ability to move and resize partitions, live, without erasing or losing any data!

If you want to have a try, just go to the Download Centre to download the MiniTool Partition Manager for yourself.

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