Thursday, December 15, 2011

Data recovery software for Raid 5?

Raid 5 is a kind of disk form in disk array. Raid 0, Raid 1, Rapid 2, Raid 3, and Raid 4 are analogous disk forms. In understanding, we can regard Raid 5 as the compromise of Raid 0 and Raid 1. Rapid 5 can offer us data safety protection, but it has lower protection degree than Raid 2 while its utilization of disk space and reading speed are higher than Raid 2. At the same time, utilization of disk space and reading speed of Raid 5 are lower than Raid 0 while data safety protection of Raid 5 is higher than Raid 0. So we often consider the storage solution of Raid 5 which gives consideration to performance, data safety and storage cost when we make Raid disk array. Right now, problem emerges. Raid 5 has good data safety protection. That is we can rebuild damaged data according to check bit on other disks when there appears a little mistake, even any disk damage. However, it is very difficult to recover data just because of its fault-tolerant function. It will make data lose forever once we misconduct. In this situation, we have two choices.
1. Ask professionals for help to recover data in high price.
2. Select professional data recovery software.

I suggest not inviting professionals to help perform disk array data recovery because lost data may be our secret data or secret files of a corporation. So, we have the unique choice. That is looking for excellent data recovery software. Now, there are many data recovery software in the market. When we selecting data recovery software, we must pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Fast to scan
2. Have strong power to recover data.
3. Can recover lost data in Raid 5.
4. Can run in various operating systems.
5. Can recover data in various file system.

Synthesizing the above points, I suggest performing data recovery in Raid 5 with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Because it not only has the above features, but also is an absolutely free data recovery software for personal and home users. Furthermore, it has the technical support of MiniTool Solution Ltd. which is a professional data recovery corporation. Selecting such a cheap and good data recovery software is a sensible choice for users. Which data recovery software do users choose if they do not choose MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

Taboos in Raid 5 data recovery
Before performing Raid 5 data recovery, we must learn what we should do and should no do after Raid 5 losing data so as to avoid give rise to serious consequence.
1. Do not recreate Raid 5 card. Recreation may increase the difficult of data recovery.
2. Can not take initialized settings which may lead to no-revert.
3. Can not write in date to array before finishing recovery.
We also need to do backup for data before recovering while we avoid the above operations, which can avoid the second damage because of mistaken operation.

Perform Raid 5 lost data recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To perform Raid 5 lost data recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we must visit its official website: to download it freely. Then install it on your computer. Run it, and we can see the following interface: 

This is the beginning interface. Considering there are many cases of losing data, here, I will demonstrate how to perform Raid 5 data recovery because of losing partition. On this interface, select “Lost Partition Recovery”. After entering into function module, we can see the following interface:

In this interface, select the very disk losing data, and then click “Recover” to scan the disk. After scanning, we can see the possible partition state before losing partitions of Raid 5 disk.

Select the most matching partition state from this interface, and then click “Show Files”, and we can see the following interface:

This is the data recovery interface which shows us all data in the partition. Select data needed recovering, and then click “Save Files”. Then save these files in given places. Now, we have finished Raid 5 lost data recovery. 

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