Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Copy partition with Partition Wizard

You may have noticed that MiniTool Partition Manager offers a function of disk copy. And you may ask why we need to copy disks.

What is the purpose of disk copy?

Generally, we use the copy disk function to recover data, upgrade disk, and backup data.

How to use the copy disk function under Windows Vista?
Upgrade disk: If you want to upgrade your hard disk, you would probably have to copy your disk to keep your data. With this function, you can replace the older smaller hard disk with a newer larger hard disk without having to reinstall the operating system and applications. One thing you should be aware of is that the disk used as destination disk should be of at least the same size as the source disk or larger to ensure all data will be cloned onto the disk without loss.

Rescuing data: In case of hard disks defect, it is especially important to back up data to an intact medium before starting any recovery attempts because the recovery procedure may cause further defects resulting from the inherent exposure of this procedure, while the physical disk clone may cause much less exposure than any other usage due to its linear operation. After cloning, you can perform a recovery on the destination disk without fearing any further damages.

In addition to its ability to copy disks, MiniTool Partition Manager has powerful functions in partition management under Windows Vista. For Vista users, Partition Wizard has different versions of Partition Manager for different types of users.

Partition Wizard has powerful functions in disk copy and partition copy without data loss.

With simple steps, you can copy a partition or disk in minutes.
1. Launch your MiniTool Partition Manager and you will see its user interface:

2. You can copy disks or partitions by clicking Wizard>Disk Copy Wizard or clicking Wizard>Partition Copy Wizard. And you will see the disk copy wizard:

If you do not yet have Partition Wizard Server Edition, you can download a trial version from the Download Centre.

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