Monday, December 5, 2011

How to find deleted files?

As time goes on, deleted files will increase in hard disks. If you want to recover them, most importantly you should know how to find them quickly from numerous deleted files. If data recovery software possesses powerful data recovery capabilities but fail to find deleted files quickly, it will be unqualified. MiniTool Power Data Recovery has considered this aspect thoroughly. Its complete functions for file searches will help you find the needed files very fast. Thus, you can save a lot of time and energy.

Really Good Products Emphasize Details

Generally speaking, details can display the true quality of a thing. Though data recovery software should have good data recovering capabilities, yet providing users with some speedy methods to search for files will make it perfect. Anyway this will directly relate with the recovery efficiency and users’ practical experience since no one wants to spend much time on searching files. MiniTool Power Data Recovery starts with details, dedicated to creating data recovery software with great recovery abilities and perfect functions. It will provide fast methods for either partition deleted files or scan files searching, which really have considered every detail for users.

Perfect file search function will help you find deleted files fast
MiniTool Power Data Recovery starts with the practical experience of its users. It will consider about various situations you may encounter and modify its functions accordingly. This can be shown through the various file search methods that MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides. It mainly provides two quick file search means for deleted files, namely, the Find File and Advanced Filter. Find File can help you find deleted files quickly with user names.

User can quickly search for deleted files by inputting their file names in the interface. Meanwhile, the software will provide you with two more specific setting options “Match Case” and “Match Word”.

You can also use the Advanced Filter to search for files quickly. Click “Undelete Recovery”, you will be able to scan a certain overused partition on the disk and find out dozens of deleted files.

Now in this interface you will find the deleted files that have been scanned out are numerous. Imagine how much time it will take if you want to find a certain file from them. 

Especially, for a server with huge file storage, to search for deleted files will be extremely slow.
Thereby MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides you with the “Advanced Filter” option. It can filter through the scanned file list by filename or extensions for a certain kind of deleted files you want.

Besides, Advanced Filter can filter files by size and creation or modification date.
You can combine all the three means to make searches faster and more accurately. Set the information and back to the main interface, then you will find great changes in the file list.

In the main interface, all the deleted files will be displayed in its original file format, which will save you much time in seeking the files you want.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery will not only do better in recovering data, but also will improve to provide various functions. Nobody will deny this excellent software, for it really highlights the practical experiences of users. For further information, please go to the official website

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