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How to perform data recovery from partition with damaged file systems such as FAT32 and NTFS?

As you know, file system is indispensable in dealing with files in partitions such as create, delete and a series of other operations. However, it can often get damaged by virus or incorrect instructions. If the file system in a certain partition is damaged, it will take much time to recover the files. If you are a professional technician, you can repair it and bring the partition back to normal. Otherwise, you will need data recovery software to help recover the damaged files.

Functions of file systems
File system is a way or a kind of data structure that an operation system uses to specify its disk or partition files. Namely, a method for disk file organizing. It is a system for organizing and allocating file memory space, responsible for file storage, security and retrieval. To be more specific, through it users can create, save, read, modify, unload, access or cancel files, etc. Therefore, all the file instructions going on in a partition will be related to file system directly.

In the Windows operating systems, FAT32 and NTFS are the most common file systems. NTFS appeared later than FAT32. The two systems are totally different. They differ greatly from file and partition size, cluster size, security to the entire layout. In contrast, NTFS is more advanced and is gradually replacing FAT32 as the mainstream system. That’s why many computer users prefer NTFS to FAT32.

How to deal with data when file system breaks down
Both FAT32 and NTFS are facing damaging risks caused by operation mistakes or viruses. When a partition’s file system is corrupted, you can not use it any more. Then operation system will prompt you to format it. That is to redesignate a file system for it. As it is known, formatting partition will cause data loss. Obviously, when this happens, it is impossible to make a routine backup of the data. Therefore, first you should recover the files with data recovery software then can you format the partition. Nevertheless, some users are so careless that they would rush to format a partition without recovering its data. Can the lost data be recovered in such cases? You needn’t worry about this, for MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help you solve the problem effortlessly. This data recovery software is specialized in providing relative functional modules. With MiniTool Power Data Recovery, you will be able to restore data from damaged partitions that can not be identified by operation system and improperly formatted partitions.

Can MiniTool Power Data Recovery Support FAT32 and NTFS Simultaneously
Whether data recovery software can support various operation systems and file systems or not is an important standard in assessments. As specialized data recovery software, not only can MiniTool Power Data Recovery back up multiple file systems like FAT32 and NTFS but also can run perfectly in operation systems that adopt the two file systems. There are Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, etc. With its complete functions and excellent compatibility, a large number of computer users are choosing MiniTool Power Data Recovery as an essential data recovery tool. With it, there is no need to worry about restrictions on file systems and operation systems. You can recover data in all kinds of situations. 

Recover data from partitions suffering file system crashes with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Do you still doubt if MiniTool Power Data Recovery can restore data from partitions with crashed file system? Indeed, it is amazing that partitions that can not be identified by operation system can be accessed by data recovery software and get recovered as well. However, seeing is believing. To clear off your doubts about MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we would like to show you some specific examples in practical operations.

At first, let’s deliberately damage a partition’s file system. Later we will employ a functional module Damaged Partition Recovery in MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover the partition.

In the interface of the software, you can find that the file system in the selected partition is seriously damaged since its drive letter and file system can not be displayed. That MiniTool Power Data Recovery can scan out files from the partition is prerequisite for data recovery. 

When you click the “Full Scan” button on the left of the interface, the software will start scanning files. And the scan result will be as follows:

Now it becomes quite easy to recover files since MiniTool Power Data Recovery can entirely scan files in a damaged partition. Click the “Save Files” button and set a proper saving place in the pop-up interface for file saving position settings. Then MiniTool Power Data Recovery will recover data automatically.

A normal file system is especially important to file operations.However; you can not guarantee the security of file system completely. MiniTool Power Partition Recovery is not only an emergency choice for a corrupted file system, but also will play a great role in all kinds of data loss cases. If you still have questions about this data recovery software, please log in the official website for related reference. 

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