Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to perform hard drive file recovery efficiently?

Hard drive is the most primary storage of computer. As people’s dependence on computer continuously mounts, an increasing amount of file are stored on computer hard drive. Naturally, hard drive file recovery would become a concerned issue for users. The reason why hard drive is popular is that memories of hard drive won’t get lost unlike human brain as long as it is virus/damage-free and user properly performs operations on it. But in fact, data loss frequently occurs and users are anxious about lost hard drive file recovery. “Can lost hard drive file recovery be performed?” I believe many computer user may have such doubt. In reality, lost hard drive data is recoverable by employing data recovery software on condition the primary scene of data loss is properly protected to successfully prevent repeated hard drive data damaged. Alluding to data recovery software, I sincerely recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery which was developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., boasts fantastic security performance and powerful hard drive file recovery functions. What’s more, this data recovery software is totally free for users. Download at the official website http://www.powerdatarecovery.com/.
Here, many might have been perplexed by the “primary scene” mentioned before and pondered why we should protect primary scene as data recovery is not criminal case.

On primary scene and primary scene protection
The so-called primary scene is the place where data is lost for the first time and only do we properly protect the data loss primary scene can we successfully extract file system parameters and perform hard drive file recovery. Then how can we protect the primary scene? To be simple, protecting primary scene is not to read and write the location of lost data since these operations will overwrite the lost data which is marked as invisible and unprotected by operating system. Therefore, we must prevent overwriting lost files if we want to successfully perform hard drive file recovery. Knowing this point, user should first avoid writing data on hard disk and employ MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform hard drive file recovery when encountering data loss.

Recover accidentally deleted data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Install MiniTool Power Data Recovery to partition free from data loss and then launch it to meet the following interface:

This main interface offers five main data recovery modules for different data loss scenarios. Her we select “Undelete Files Recovery” to recover deleted files.

This interface lists all disk partition, please select the partition suffering data loss or click “Refresh List” if desired partition is not listed, then click “Recover”.

This interface shows all found by our data recovery software, check all needed files and click “Save Files”; users can also efficiently find desired files by clicking “Find file” or “Advanced Filter”.

This window inquires the save path for all recovered data, click “Browse…” to assign save path, then click “OK” to finish hard drive file recovery. After that, user can view recovered in the save path.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery should be the very data recovery software for hard drive file recovery.

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