Monday, December 5, 2011

How to perform memory stick recovery free?

A piece of storage like in chewing gum shape has emerged. It is a memory stick developed by SONY, offering users better security insurance on data storage and preventing data damage through allowing user to add file copyright information of an electronic product. But the only thing that disappoints us is that this memory stick is solely suitable for SONY products such as SONY digital cameras and PSP, etc. To be specific, memory stick is more frequently used for storing photos on SONY camera and somehow data loss often happens when user is moving data from memory stick on SONY camera due to a variety of causes including abrupt power failure, accidental deletion, accidental formatting and virus infection, etc. Even though memory stick provides copyright protection function, it is helpless in front of data loss. Therefore, user has to have recourse to data recovery software to perform memory stick recovery. Regarding to data recovery software, I would like to recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a powerful data recovery software with competent data recovery capability. This data recovery software is not only able to perform memory stick recovery, but recovers data from memory card, damaged partition and formatted partition. What’s more, user can perform memory stick recovery free of charge.

Data recovery after SONY digital camera is formatted when moving photos
Storage device used on digital camera is simply called memory card while memory stick utilized on SONY digital camera is memory stick exclusively owned by SONY. However, the camera somehow auto off out of many reasons when moving photos from memory stick to computer and later on we are informed of formatting error when turning on camera, which conspicuously suggests that camera photos are lost during the move process. Generally, when facing such situation, we first open “My Computer”, select the removable storage device namely memory stick, right click the memory stick and then select Format. After this operation, user can employ MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform memory stick recovery and recover lost photos. In addition, this data recovery software can still perform data recovery from deleted partition, formatted partition, lost partition virus-ravaged partition and damaged partition, etc.

Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery at for free and install it.

Recover damaged data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery under Windows XP
Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery:

To recover damaged data, please click “Damaged Partition Recovery”.

Select the partition suffering data loss and then scan lost data by employing either “Open” which fast nevertheless incompletely finds lost data or “Full Scan” scanning partitions in detail.
Here we click “Full Scan” for example. After scan, user will come to the interface below.

Select desired partition and click “Show Files”.

Now all files are listed here in this interface and user can check all needed files directly or employing “Find Filter” and “Advanced Filter” to help filter specific files. Then click “Save Files” to assign save path and realize damaged data recovery. 

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