Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Redistribute Free Disk Space?

With Partition Wizard, it is possible to redistribute free disk space without having to repartitioning the whole hard drive and reinstalling the operating system.

To illustrate, a system has a 160GB hard drive split into two partitions - System C:(60 GB) and DATA D:(100 GB). System C: contains the operating system and all the necessary associated files; DATA D: contains all the user files such as movies, photos, and documents. The problem is that C: is approaching its limit and running out of space, while D: has enough free space available. Is there a way to redistribute the free space of D: to C:?

The answer is yes, you can turn to the Professional Partition Manager - Partition Wizard Server Edition.

With the help of Partition Wizard Server Edition, you can redistribute the free disk space very easily. To redistribute the free disk space, follow the instructions below:

Precaution: although the chances of corruption or data loss during resizing process is minimal, it is best to always back up your data first, especially when you are shrinking the OS partition.

1. Select a partition that you want to resize.
2. Click Partitions » then click Move/Resize.
3. On a partition map, current size of the partitions under Windows Server 2003 is displayed on the top of the dialog box. It also depicts the used and unused space within the partition and the free space surrounding the partition (if any exists). The information is important for your resizing task under Windows server 2003. The minimum and maximum sizes that you can resize a partition under Windows 2003 also appear below the map.

4. Position the mouse pointer on the left or right partition handle.
5. When the mouse pointer changes into a double-headed arrow, drag the handle to the desired partition size.
6. Click Apply.

It really is that easy! Click to buy the Server or Enterprise Edition, or download the FREE Home or Professional Edition right now!

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