Friday, December 23, 2011

How to unerase files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

In daily computer use, every user may encounter the situation that data is deleted accidentally or disk partition is formatted by accident, or even worse, disk partition is deleted mistakenly. How to unerase files in this situation? However, if new data is not written in the partition with lost files, we are able to unerase files deleted by accident. There is much free data recovery software. Most of them will cause data damage or have limitations on files types. But the professional free data recovery software does not have these defects. It can help users unerase files of all kinds.

The professional free data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery can not only unerase files deleted in computer disk, but also unerase files in mobile storage devices like digital camera, U disk, etc. The function module "Digital Media Recovery" is specially designed for this situation.

If it is the first time that you use this free data recovery software, don't worry. When you select every function module and operate the software, there will be instructive information at the bottom of the interface.

Picture preview and filter function
If there are many pictures when we recover pictures, the "File Preview" function can help us find the desired pictures quickly. Take recovering pictures in digital camera for example. Usually, pictures in digital camera are acquiescently named in accordance with their sequence. Pictures in the following interface are shown in the form of table.

It is easy to find the desired pictures quickly. MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides file list view style. With thumbnail, we can easily find the picture that will be recovered.

Click view style and select thumbnail and all pictures preview will be listed.
If there are several kinds of files including pictures, we can use "Advanced Filter" to enter the following interface.

Select "By Filename/Extension" to appoint files name or extension name in order to find pictures that will be recovered.

Apart from pictures, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can also unerase other kinds of files and the operations are similar to that of recovering pictures. It is the best choice for users to unerase files because it can guarantee data integrity in recovery process. More information can be got on the website  

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