Thursday, December 22, 2011

MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help users undelete data deleted from recycle bin easily

Undelete utility, just as its name implies, is a recovery tool. Recovery tool is commonly used in digital information times. With it, users can undelete data. In today's world where digital information develops at high speed, it is necessary to undelete data. Why do we say so? That is because users may not only bear huge economic losses but also face various kinds of problems if they delete some important data carelessly. For example, there is some client information in deleted data for enterprise, or there are some precious data in deleted files for individuals. If they delete these data, they will lose them. It seems that recovery tool is crucial in information times. However, can recovery tool undelete data? This problem makes many users who had never use recovery tools doubtful. In their impression, it is difficult to undelete data unless deleted data are not emptied away from recycle bins. If deleted data are cleared away from the recycle bin, they can not be recovered. It seems that users misunderstand deleted data. In fact, deleted data can be also recovered, because data deleted normally are still stored in the disk, not deleted really. They are just marked with special marks. We just can not see these data when storing new data. Therefore, users can get deleted data back with recovery tool. I suggest using MiniTool Power Data Recovery which can recover data deleted from recycle bin. At the same time, it offers users with the function of advanced filter which helps users find deleted files quickly in data recovery interface.
Attention: users should stop storing data in these places where we deleted data before, because new data may recover former data. If not, we can not assure that deleted data can be recovered.

5 functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a powerful recovery software developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., can undelete data comprehensively. Here, "comprehensively" means it offers users 5 different functional modules aiming at different data loss situations just as the following interface.

5 functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery are different from each other:
1. Undelete recovery. It includes deleted data recovery from recycle bin, and other data recovery caused by other factors.
2. Damaged partition recovery. This function is offered to recover data from damaged partition.
3. Lost partition recovery. This function can help users undelete data from lost partitions.
4. Digital media recovery. This function can help users get lost data back from memory card, memory stick, flash memory, and other memory device.
5. CD/DVD recovery. Users must be familiar with this function. With this function, users can recover back-up data in CD, and so on.

All above are recovery scopes of 5 functional modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Users can select corresponding functional module to recover data according to their demands.

Perfect data search function
Maybe, users sometimes are troubled by not failing to find desired data from numerous data. Why users can not find needed data easily? That is because there will appear a large amount of data after they finish scanning. However, if users use Advanced Filter of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, they can find deleted data accurately and conveniently. The big difference between Advanced Filter of MiniTool Power Data Recovery and other filters is that users can find data fast by inputting precise date and other information with Advanced Filter while other recovery software does not have this function. The following interface can help us understand better.

This is the very interface which offers users advanced filter function. Users can select Advanced Filter to find data needed to be recovered. In the pull-down menu, we can look for files by selecting needed file extension name from pull-down menu or inputting filename in the pull-down menu box or inputting data size of needed files. In a word, Advanced Filter of MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help us find deleted data more conveniently and faster.

Undelete data with undelete utility - MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Before we undelete data, we must own MiniTool Power Data Recovery. We can download it from its official website, and then install it on the computer. Next, we run it to get the following interface

This is the main interface of the software. To undelete data, we just need to click "Undelete Recovery" functional module to enter the following operation:

In this interface, if the partition we need to operate is not displayed in this interface, users can use "Refresh List" function to refresh the interface. Next, please select the partition where deleted data are originally in on the partition list, and then click "Recover" button. Next, the software will scan deleted data. After accomplishing scanning, users enter the next operation:

In this interface, we should check files we need to recover, and then click "Save Files" to save these data in given locations. After finishing saving, we have undeleted data successfully with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good undelete utility. It can undelete data easily. It is more unexpected that MiniTool Power Data Recovery even can undelete data after operating system is crashed. Much recovery software does not have this function. If users want to know more information about this undelete utility, please visit its official website

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