Thursday, December 22, 2011

MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help you unerase files in different storage devices without data loss

Every computer user may meet these cases, such as delete data mistakenly, format hard disks mistakenly, and other troubles, even delete disk partitions mistakenly. But how to unerase mistakenly deleted data once these cases appear? If users do not write new files into the partition where mistaken deletions happen, we have a chance to unerase files. At present, there is much data recovery software, but much of them may damage files in the process of unerasing files, or its supported file types are limited because of their imperfection. MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a professional data recovery software, does not have these defects. It can help users unerase various types of files easily.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a professional data recovery software
MiniTool Power Data Recovery can not only unerase files on computer disks but also unerase data on removable disks, such as digital camera, and USB flash disk. In the main interface of the software, the function of "Digital Media Recovery" is designed for solving this problem. 

When users use this software for the first time, they needn't to worry about anything even they do not know module functions and use methods, because humanized designs can help them solve this problem. When users move mouse cursor on any functional module and in the process of operating, information tips and operating instructions will appear.

Picture preview function helps unerase files quickly
When using this software to unerase pictures, users can find needed files quickly with the help of file preview function even if there are many pictures after scanning. Here, we take digital camera as an example. In general, pictures in cameras are named by default, so users do not know names of needed photos. Just like the following pictures list.

It is not difficult to find needed photos, because MiniTool Power Data Recovery took this problem into consideration long before. The function of picture preview offered by this professional data recovery software can help users find needed pictures from the thumbnail even if they forget names of these pictures.

To realize picture previews like the above interface, users just need one easy operation. That is to click "Find files" to change default display mode into thumbnail. Next, all picture previews will appear.

If there are other types of files except for pictures after scanning, users can use "Advanced Filter" function in the left interface to filter needless files out like the following interface: 

In the above interface, users just need to select needed suffix names in "By Filename/Extension" to filter useless files out. As a result, users can find pictures needed to be unerase faster.

In the former demonstrations, we just take unerasing pictures as an example. However, this professional data recovery software can unerase other types of files with almost the same operations as unerasing pictures. It does not have any influence on data in the process of unerasing files, which keeps files complete. It is the preferred data recovery software for users. If users want to know more information about this data recovery software, please visit its official website

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