Thursday, December 22, 2011

MiniTool Power Data Recovery - excellent file recovery software to realize Windows file recovery

As we all know that we can not find deleted files from computers if we empty the recycle bin. However, does it mean these files disappeared from the hard disk forever? It is of course not. When users delete a certain file, Windows operating system will mark a deletion mark on this file, and then mark the cluster (cluster is a unit used for data storage. A cluster contains multiple sectors) took up by this file as idle mode. As a result, users can not find this file. As a matter of fact, the real file is still saved on the disk, not deleted. When users store new files on the disk, the idle mode cluster will be used by new files, and original data will be covered. Therefore, deleted data, in fact, are still stored on the disk completely if users do not save new files. At this time, users can use professional file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery to break through operating system's addressing mode to find marked files, and then recover them. This software also can help users recover data even if partitions are reformatted, damaged or lost.

Perfect data recovery functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
There is much data recovery software, among which MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an outstanding performer. This software supports various kinds of file recovery in different situations, such as deleted data, lost files caused by formatting, lost files from digital medium equipment, and so on. To know its powerful file recovery functions, please visit its official website to download it, and then install it on your computer. After finishing installing, please run it to get its main interface.

In this interface, we can see its 5 data recovery functional modules clearly. We can recover different files according to different situations. For example, if we want to recover files from lost partitions, we just need to click "Lost Partition Recovery" to enter the next operation. When we move mouse cursor on "Lost Partition Recovery" button, there will appear corresponding operating prompts at the bottom of the interface. More importantly, we can even use this software alone and easily without professional guidance.

Targeted data recovery of MiniTool Power Data Recovery for Windows file recovery
If users lose a large number of data while these data have the same type, such as undelete pictures in disk, there will appear many types of files after we finish scanning. It is really trivial and complicated to realize file recovery in this situation. However, MiniTool Power Data Recovery solves this problem with clear target. When we click "Lost Partition Recovery" button, we will enter the next operating system:

In this interface, we select the disk where we will do data recovery operations, and then click "Advanced Setting" button to enter the setting interface.

In this interface, we can search files by assigning types. Take JEPG pictures as an example. To scan these pictures and realize picture recover, we need to check these files of JEPG form, and then click "OK" button. At last, we just need to click "Recover" button to scan the disk. After finishing scanning and screening out needed pictures, we can perform picture recovery.

According to the above explanations, users will find MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an excellent file recovery software which supports various types of file recovery. This software also has file preview function. In this software, many pictures do not have names. It makes users unable to confirm which pictures are needed to recover. According to previews, users can confirm needed pictures with saving much time. If users want to know more functions about this software, please visit its official website to inquire.

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