Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MiniTool Power Data Recovery helps users recover lost data easily.

With the development of computer technology, computer spreads over life and work. More and more industries are using computer. However, when we are using computer, virus attack, miss operation, system fault and other reasons may cause data loss of our computer, and data loss not only makes work or life inconvenient but also causes economic loss. Most of the users try to collect the lost data back. But the lost data is difficult to get and what should we do if the data is very important like the secret commercial files? Do not make the entire enterprise influenced by the data loss. We should recover the data instead of collecting data when data is lost. What we need is data recovery software. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the professional and suitable kind of data recovery software for us.

Professional and reliable
There is still some doubt about MiniTool Power Data Recovery. However, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is developed by professional software company MiniTool Solution Ltd. It is not like some other kinds of software that are developed by individual programmers and still have some disadvantages like bugs, incomprehensive functions, and low stability, etc. MiniTool Solution Ltd. is a professional software company that has been working on the data storage principle of hard disk, compact disk and other storage devices. The products of it have more professional quality. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is worthy of our trust.

Powerful and worthy
MiniTool Power Data Recovery has much more powerful functions than other similar types of software. It not only can recover the data of deleted or formatted by accident, but also can recover data from the damaged or lost partition. It still recovers the data of CD/DVD, memory card, USB flash memory drive, and other storage devices. It has the features of high speed and accurate scan, and high effective of recovery, etc. At the same time it recovers all kinds of data files entirely. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is worthy of our trust.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery recovers images
Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery at the official website http://www.powerdatarecovery.com/ and install it to the non-operating partition. Run it after installation: 

This is the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. We can see there are five functional modules. We can choose different function depending on different situation. To recover images, we click the "Digital Media Recovery" to enter into the functional module. 

In this interface, choose the partition where the lost images were, and then click "Full Scan" to enter into the searching interface: 

This is the searching interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. P.S: wait patiently during the searching. If we click the "Cancel" button the searching will be stopped and the result will not be complete. The images we want to recover will not be found.

This interface shows all the lost images from the partition we choose. We can browse all of the images in this interface and choose the ones we want to recover, and then click "Save Files" to set the save path.

After all the settings, click "OK" button, and we have recovered the lost images easily. 

Through the presentation we can see that the operation of MiniTool Power Data Recovery is very simple and easy. With the prompt of MiniTool Power Data Recovery we can recover lost data easily. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is worth of your trust.

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