Friday, December 23, 2011

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the very undelete program to help recover undelete data

Many computer users are afraid of virus. For them, what frightens them most is that virus can delete important data maliciously. Once important data are deleted, heavy loss will come. However, users can deal with malicious deletion easily if they have a good undelete program. Therefore, users don't need to worry too much. What frightens users most about virus is not file deletion but partition damage where they store files. So far, a lot of undelete programs is designed against virus's malicious deletion, and the majority of data recovery software which can recover files from damaged partitions is not free except for MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It is free for individual and home users. Although it is a free undelete program, it has strongly powerful data recovery functions. From this aspect, even many paid professional data recovery software is difficult to be comparable with it.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery can do better for users
MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help users solve various kinds of data loss problems in daily life and work

From the main interface of the software, we can see clearly MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers users with 5 functional modules. Every module provides users with different services. When users move mouse cursor on "Damaged Partition Recovery" module, there will appear services offered by this module at the bottom of the main interface. From the instruction, we know we can also recover partition data with the help of this module as long as partitions still exist even if partitions are damaged and formatted or when operating system show us partition format is Raw and warns us to format partitions.

Maybe, your first idea is to restore partitions when you face partition damage. However, there are many factors leading to partition damage, so you can not insure you can restore partitions successfully. Partition recovery is a complicated and professional work. Most of the time, professionals will also cost much time to accomplish recovery, let alone common computer users. Furthermore, if users cost a large amount of time to restore partitions, they can not use these data in time. At this time, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help them solve this burning issue. With this undelete program, users can undelete data from damaged partitions first, and then go to look for partition recovery methods.

Undelete data from lost partitions with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a free professional data recovery software. Users can download it from its official website. To undelete data from damaged partitions, we just need to click "Damaged Partition Recovery" in the main interface, and then we enter the corresponding interface.

In this interface, we select the damaged partition, and then click "Open" button in the left interface. Then, the software will scan files in this partition automatically. After accomplishing scanning, we enter the next interface. 

We select files needed to be recovered from the file list, and then click "Save Files" button to set storage location. After finishing performances, data will be stored in given location.

As data recovery software, if it just can recover files deleted by virus, it is not a perfect undelete program. In this regard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is your best choice for undeleting data. It can also help users undelete data from partitions deleted by virus apart from the above data recovery conditions. Users can visit its official website to inquire specific information. 

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