Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Partition Wizard Server Edition makes Windows Server management easy

With the development of information technology, the number of servers has increased greatly. Therefore, server partition management software is playing a more and more important role in the home and Professional.

Among so many server partition management softwares, which one is the best? Here is a powerful server partition management software - Partition Wizard Server Edition. It has many advanced functions, such as resize system partition, copy partition/disk, data recovery, convert file systems and so on. Although we can perform disk management by using the function "computer management" built in the Operating System, some advanced functions cannot be realized, such as resize system partition, copy partition/disk, recover data, convert file systems and so on. What's more, server partition management is different from the common partition management for home users.

Why should we need professional server partition software to optimize the performance of our servers?

Windows server can be of different names for its different functions, such as Database server, Files server, Mail server, News server and Web server, etc. Sometimes the server computer administrator needs to manage their server partitions to extend the partition performance.

Server partition manager with advanced features, such as resize/move server partition without destroying data, copy server partition/disk in a secure and effective way, are needed for users who run Windows servers.

Partition Wizard Server Edition is a professional partition manager for server partition management.

As a professional Partition manager for servers, Partition Wizard has many powerful features:
1. Hardware RAID supported: It works perfectly with hardware RAID.
2. Up to 32 hard disks: It can handle up to 32 hard disks, which makes it a good choice for server systems.
3. Up to 2TB hard disks.
4. Hard Disk Copy or Partition Copy Wizards - Easily upgrade/migrate hard drives or copy partitions to protect data.

Here's the link for you to free download Partition Wizard Server Edition and check out how it works as a magic server partition manager.

As for how to resize Windows server partitions, please visit: resize Partition of Windows Server 2003 with Partition Wizard Server Edition for more details.

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