Thursday, December 15, 2011

the PC recovery software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery

If health is the eternal goal for people well then data safety is the eternal goal for PC users. With the rapid development of PC computer, adding cost’s reduced and having more applications, more and more families and enterprises equip with PC. At this time, data safety becomes a big problem that troubles us. Here, I introduce several data safety protection measures:
1. Do backup periodically for your system. Doing like that, we can use backup even if our original data are lost.
2. Do not receive mails sent by unidentified men so as to avoid virus which can lead to losing data.
3. Take antivirus for DVD or mobile HDD which will be used in the computer, which can reduce the possibility to be attacked by virus.
4. Install antivirus software and fire wall to reduce the possibility of hostile damage of data.

All above are measures used to prevent data from being lost, but these are not always efficient in any situation, so, data in PC may be lost. Facing this situation, I suggest using data recovery software to recover our lost data. In selecting data recovery software, I suggest using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to solve the problem of losing data. Before solving problems, let’s learn applications of PC.

Applications of PC
With the continuous development of PC industry, application area of computer becomes wider and wider. Following are several basic use of PC.
1. Now there are so many kinds of learning software, but we can find out what we are found of to learn with using computer easily.
2. Making all kinds of artistic design.
3. Play computer games, play CD, VCR, DVD and other types of movie.
4. Information interflow and resource sharing.
The above descriptions are just only a part of applications of PC. The rest are needed to be learnt by yourself. Following the description, I will demonstrate how to perform data recovery from computers with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Perform data recovery from PC with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
To use this free data recovery software, we need to visit its official website: At first, download it, and then install it on your computer. At this time, we are ready to recover the data in disk. Open the software.

This is the main interface of the software. To perform PC lost data recovery, we need to select “Damaged Partition Recovery” to enter into the function module. After entering into it, we can see the following interface.

In this interface, select the very partition losing data in the disk. Then, we have two different choices. The first is to click “Open” directly to search lost data on partition. If finding out the needed data, we can enter into the next step. If not, we need go back to the former interface. In this interface, click “Full Scan” to scan the whole partition. After finishing scanning, we can see the following interface.

In this interface, users can see the possible state of original partition. Select higher matching degree partition state where data are needed recovering, and then click “Show Files”. After clicking, there will appear the following interface.

Users can see many files on this interface. All these are the data stored in PC by users. Select the data needed recovering, and then slick “Save Files”. At last, put files in given places according to prompt. So far, we have successfully recovered lost data in PC. 

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