Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Realize CD recovery with CD recovery software

With the advent of information age, more and more users are inclined to use CD to store important data because CD can hold much data although very thin. With CD writer's popularity, naturally, many users use CD which is convenient and exquisite to store some important data with taking up small space. However, data in CD are easily unable to be read caused by CD damage if they fail to protect data appropriately when they use. At this time, data may be lost. So, to avoid data loss, we should know how to protect CD well. 

Here, I have collected some CD protection measures as follows:
1. CD will be influenced by weather, temperature, and other factors, so condensed vapor sometimes will appear on its surface. Before using, users should wipe it lightly with clean and soft cotton cloth.
2. CD should be far away from dust and magnetic field. Users should hold its edge or centre when taking.
3. If there is some blot on its surface, users can use clean button cloth to dip specialized cleanser to wipe lightly it from centre to edge. Avoid using petrol, alcohol, and other dissolvent with chemical composition which can corrode inner precision of CD.
4. Strictly prohibit touching CD with edge tools when CDs leave unused to avoid scratching CDs.
5. Users should stack CDs within the number of 10 because CD is thin and relatively not hard. If there are more than 10 CDs, CDs may be deformation which will influence playing quality. If CD is deformation, users can put it in a paper bag, and then out this paper bag between two pieces of glass with 5 kilograms things on it. The CD will recover its flatness after 36 hours.
6. It is very important to choose storage places with appropriate temperature if users need to store CDs for a long time. Both too high temperature and too low temperature all have an influence on CD's use life. The best temperature to store CDs is about 20 degree centigrade.

If users have accomplished the above aspects, their data in CD are very safe now. If CD data are lost very unfortunately, for example, CD can not be read in CD-ROM drive, many users are worried about lost data. Actually, they need not worry. Lost data under these situations can be recovered by CD recovery software. Here, I recommend a professional data recovery software by the name of MiniTool Power Data Recovery which has many advantages, such as comprehensive functions, easy and fast to scan, taking up small space, easy to operate, and so on. Next, I will demonstrate how to realize CD data recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Realize CD recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
If users are annoyed by CD data loss, they should observe the following operations carefully. At first, we should visit the official website of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to download this free CD recovery software, and then install it on our computers. Next, we run it to perform CD data recovery.
After running it, we can see its main interface: 

In the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, if users want to perform CD data recovery, they should click "CD/DVD Recovery". Next, we enter "CD/DVD Disk Recovery" module.

In this interface, we can perform two operations. The first one is to click "Open" to visit the CD directly to check files in the CD. If there is no desired data, we click "Back" to go back to "CD/DVD Disk Recovery" interface to perform the second operation. In this interface, we click "Full Scan" button to scan CD in CD-ROM drive. After we wait for a period of time, the software skips to the following interface automatically.

In this interface, users can choose the data we need to recover, and then click "Save Files" to save them. Thus, we have finished CD data recovery.

In fact, the above recovery operations show that it is so easy to operate MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Users can realize CD data recovery just by operating mouse. MiniTool Power Data Recovery can not only realize CD data recovery but also other storage medium recovery, such as USB flash disk and memory card. Its powerful data recovery competence has been recognized by a large number of netizens. If users want to get data in lost partitions back, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can help solve this problem easily. If partitions are damaged by virus attack, MiniTool Power Data Recovery also can help get lost data back. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good data recovery software for recovering lost data, so please hurry to download it. 

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