Thursday, December 8, 2011

What is MMC Recovery, advice for MMC recovery

Do you know the smallest storage card? It is known as the multimedia memory card abbreviated as MMC. The card is very portable so it is widely used in many electronic products like digital camera, cell phones, e-books, etc. As MMC is read and written frequently in these electronic products, sometimes MMC data may be lost due to improper operations like wrong deletion and formatting which are very common. In such cases, we can recover data successfully with data recovery software. Nowadays, many data recovery software are available on the market, to find powerful data recovery software to recover lost MMC data will not be hard. To help you avoid searching trouble, now I would like to recommend you a totally free data recovery software for individual and home users in recovering lost MMC data. It is called MiniTool Power Data Recovery by MiniTool Solution Ltd. You can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost MMC data as well as many other powerful recovery functions, such as crashed system recovery, damaged partition recovery, lost partition recovery, CD/DVDand digital media recovery, etc. In the following, i will introduce the problems you should pay attention while using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost MMC data.

Attention: If lost MMC data is very important, I suggest users stop storing data in MMC immediately in case lost data is overwritten by new data. Once the lost data is overwritten, data recovery software will not be able to recover it.

Problems to Note While Using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to Recover Lost MMC Data
While using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost MMC data, if users do not follow the requirements of the software, the data recovery process may not be completed. Thus I list several issues you should pay attention in recovering lost MMC data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
1. Install MiniTool Power Data Recovery correctly. The software should not be installed in the partition to be recovered.
2. Ensure the computer operates normally. Make sure there is no blackout and operating system problem.
3. Select a suitable recovery function module. This software provides users with five function modules to recover various data loss cases. Users should be able to find the right option.

Recover Deleted MMC Pictures

As a data storage device, MMC has already been widely used in all kinds of electronic products that help us record and share life’s happiness. Sometimes we will delete some pictures by mistake, which is often the case in using MMC to save pictures. In order to recover those deleted pictures in MMC, you can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery. First you should download and install it properly. Pay attention not to install it in the partition to be operated. When everything is OK, you will see the following interface

This is the main interface. To recover deleted pictures, click the “Digital Media Recovery” function module and the following interface will appear.

In the interface, first choose the drive letter that MMC uses, then click the “Full Scan” button and the software will scan MMC. When the scan is over, it will change to the following interface.

In this interface, find out the needed pictures and check them. When you finish, click the “Save Files” button, set a suitable saving position and the pictures will be recovered very soon. 

With MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we have successfully recovered deleted pictures in MMC. Not only can MiniTool Power Data Recovery recover lost data on all kinds of portable storage devices like memory card, USB flash disk and memory disk, but also it can recover lost data from various hard disk interfaces such as SCSI,IDE, SATA, etc. But most of all, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is very highly-efficient in data recovery. It can help us recover data the most completely. To learn more powerful functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, you can visit its official website for relative information.

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