Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do you want to solve troubles caused by Low Disk Space?

When the warning Low Disk Space appears on our computer screen, it means our system partition is out of space. Generally, if available space is less than 200MB, Windows XP will warn us of Low Disk Space when we start the computer. If available disk space is less than 80MB, Low Disk Space will appear every 4 hours unless available space exceeds 80MB. Once available space is less than 50MB, disaster comes. At this time, Low disk space warning appears every 5 minutes, which may make the majority of people collapse. At this time, we must extend available space of disk. Here, I introduce three methods for extending available space: 
1. Clean the disk to extend the available disk space.
2. Buy a larger disk.
3. Resize partitions reasonably. 

Among these 3 methods, I strongly recommend the third method, namely resize partitions reasonably. That is because Low Disk Space will appear again in a short time although the first method can extend the available space temporarily. The second method can solve this problem furthest, but it will increase cost. However, the third method not only can avoid disk space waste but also can avoid increasing use cost. At the same time, it can perform a more obvious effect on avoiding Low Disk Space. Therefore, when users meet Low Disk Space, resizing partitions reasonably is the wisest choice. Mentioning partition resizing, Windows built-in disk management tool does not have perfect functions on partition management, so we should use partition magic to resize partitions, thereby avoiding troubles caused by Low Disk Space. As to partition magic, I recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard, a perfect partition magic which can help users avoid troubles resulting from Low Disk Space.

Brand new MiniTool Partition Wizard

When seeing this picture, you are familiar with it, aren't you? This is the initial interface of the latest edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard. Through this update, functions of this partition magic are strengthened more deeply, namely dynamic disk management is added to this partition magic. Evermore, we can use the latest MiniTool Partition Wizard to solve the problems caused by Low Disk Space no matter on dynamic disk or basic disk by resizing partitions, thereby extending the partition with Low Disk Space. Besides, the main interface of this partition magic is optimized. With more humanized main interface, users can learn about service condition of volumes and partitions intuitively and conveniently, like the following interface: 

Notes to download
If users want to download MiniTool Partition Wizard, they should note plenty of software fakes the name of this partition magic because of its advantages. If downloading counterfeit software, users can not accomplish resizing partitions. More seriously, a large number of data may be lost. Besides, counterfeit software may bring users virus which endanger data safety.

 Therefore, users should download this partition magic on its official website http://www.partitionwizard.com. (Above picture is the main interface of this copyrighted partition magic. I hope everybody can pay much attention to downloading this partition magic, thereby avoiding Download Error.) Here, I hope everyone can download copyrighted MiniTool Partition Wizard soon, thereby resizing partitions successfully to avoid troubles caused by Low disk space. 

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