Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guarantee data security with the best backup program and powerful data recovery software

Data backup program is used to copy all or a part of important data from the disk or disk array in the currently used computer to other storage devices in advance to prevent losses of important data caused by accidental operations or system failures, thus guaranteeing data security in hard disk. The important data such as files and historic records in computer, no matter for enterprise users or individual users, are particularly important. They may cause immeasurable losses if lost. The painstaking efforts may be squandered, or even worse, the normal run of the enterprises will be influenced seriously, which bring great losses to scientific research and production. In order to keep the normal functioning of development, production and sales, plenty of enterprises have taken advanced and effective measures, and even spent a lot of money on acquiring the best backup program to back up data, nipping data loss in the bud. However, data backup program can not solve all problems of data losses even if the best data backup program is used. When the backup program which is considered as the best by users themselves is used to back up data, perhaps it can not back up data completely or the data may be damaged in the process of backup. There is also another possibility that users store new data to the hard disk after backing up some important data. And if the data that haven't been backed up are damaged or deleted accidentally, they can not be recovered through the data backup generated by backup program. Hence, for the sake of data security in hard disk, we'd better possess the best backup program as well as a piece of powerful data recovery software, and then data security can be perfectly guaranteed. After learning about information of data backup program, we should know something about data recovery software.

Data recovery principle of data recovery software
Recovering lost data with data recovery software is based on the premise that the lost data still exist in hard disk. Many users may not know that the lost data in operating system do not disappear and they are still stored in computer hard disk. But why can not they be found in system? When deleting files, the operating system marks the file index with a "deleted" sign which means that the file has been deleted, and the operating system will not read these files but they are still stored in hard disk. As to data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is suggested because it has simple and intuitive operation interfaces and powerful recovery functions to recover lost data in many situations. The following picture is the interface shown after the data recovery software scans one partition.

This is the scanning result of the lost data scanned by the data recovery software. Select the files that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them. More functions of this data recovery software and more detailed procedures related to data recovery can be got on the official website

Data security guaranteed by data backup program and data recovery software at the same time
If the best backup program and powerful data recovery software are installed in computer at the same, computer files will be much safer, because we can use the best back up program to back up data in advance and use the powerful data recovery software to recover lost data effectively after data losses occur in computer. Will you refuse this scheme which guarantees data security so effectively?

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