Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Perform data recovery with free data recovery software

Data losses occur at anywhere and anytime and many users are busy in dealing with data losses everyday. For many users, data loss means catastrophe, especially for the enterprises in which computers are used as the main data storage and transmission devices. However, the cost of data recovery is too high to afford, so more and more users begin to look for free data recovery methods. The third party data recovery software occurs to many computer users. Although there is little free data recovery software provided and some can only recover data caused by software failure, it saves a lot of money. Therefore, how to choose data recovery software becomes another hot topic which computer users are paying attention to.

Data recovery software
Compared with hardware failure, software failure is more likely to happen to data storage device. Hardware failure means that the hardware is damaged and fails to work. Take the hard disk for example, which is used most frequently. The main hardware faults include that the head is abraded, and bad tracks appear, etc. As to these faults, the third party data recovery has no function. It is only useful for software faults. Disk partition damage and loss caused by inappropriate operation or virus attacks are generally considered as software failures. As to data losses resulting from software failures, we can recover lost data with data recovery software. In addition, accidental operation is another common aspect resulting in data loss and many computer users may have come across this situation. But nearly all data recovery software has the basic function to recover lost data caused by accidental operations

The best data recovery software
Although all data recovery software is able to recover lost data caused by accidental deletions and it plays an important part in daily lives and works, more functions are needed. So MiniTool Power Data Recovery becomes the best choice for users to recover lost data.

As professional data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to recover lost data caused by accidental deletion as well as recover lost data from damaged or deleted partition. Besides, MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides perfect solution to data recovery in digital media and CD/DVD.

Seen from its functions, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a perfect data recovery software tool for many users. But when selecting data recovery software, different users focus on different points. Having comprehensive functions, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is surprising. But if the success rate of data recovery was low, few users would use it. However, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is not only superior to other data recovery software in functions but also has high data recovery success rate. If users perform data recovery before the lost data is overwritten, it can guarantee successful data recovery.

The knowledge of data recovery and data recovery acquired by every computer user differs. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is specially designed for common users and ensures that every user is able to operate it easily. Even if we have no idea of data recovery knowledge, the operation to recover lost data is simple if we could perform basic computer operations. We can see this point from the operation interface. The function of every button is clear and the corresponding textual description is provided. 

Maybe many users are looking forward to a data recovery  tool with high efficiency, which could save a lot of time when we recover lost data. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery meets these demands. This data recovery software has high speed. Scanning a 200GB hard disk only takes several minutes.

In addition, this data recovery software provides users with quick search function including "Find File" and "Advanced Filter", which help us find the desired data as soon as possible. 

Now, we have known something about MiniTool Power Data Recovery. And it provides free edition for individual and home users, which will save a lot of money. This free data recovery software can be downloaded from the official website  

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