Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to recover corrupt files?

If the computer is infected with viruses, amounts of data may be lost because of virus attacks. Users always think about performing data recovery to recover lost data. Data recovery software occurs to most users as long as data recovery is mentioned. However, users who have used data recovery software may have encountered a common phenomenon. There are two situations where we perform data recovery to recover corrupt files caused by virus infection in computer.
1. The corrupt files can be recovered completely.
2. The corrupt files are some unreadable codes.
All the corrupt files are resulting from virus, but why are there two completely different conditions after we recover corrupt files with data recovery software? In fact, the reason is simple. As to the corrupt files in the first situation, they are just deleted by viruses; as to corrupt files in the second situation, they are deeper damaged by viruses. In order to recover corrupt files of this kind, some other software is needed to find data of the corrupt files completely. No matter which kind of software is used to recover those files completely, using data recovery software to recover the corrupt files is the most basic operation. Therefore, choosing excellent data recovery plays a very important role in the aspect whether the corrupt files can be recovered completely or not. And the data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery released by the famous data recovery software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. is recommended.

Powerful data recovery professional – MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is latest data recovery software which has safe and convenient operations and wide use ranges. These features are able to help users recover the desired data as much as possible. It has five function modules including "Undelete Recovery", "Damaged Partition Recovery", "Lost Partition Recovery", "Digital Media Recovery" and "CD/DVD Recovery", suitable for users' data recovery demands in different situations. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery supports recovering lost data from many kinds of storage devices like U disk, optical disk, memory card, etc. We can visit its official website http://www.powerdatarecovery.com/ to download the data recovery software or learn about software details. Then we'll introduce how to recover corrupt files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recovering corrupt files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
In order to make users realize the data recovery software more intuitively, we'll use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover corrupt files. Run the software and the following window is shown. 

This is the main window of the data recovery software. In order to recover corrupt files, select the function module "Lost Partition Recovery" (Note: If viruses do not cause partition lost, the function module "Damaged Partition Recovery" should be employed).

In this window, we can see all disks in computer. Select the disk where the lost partition with corrupt files is and click "Recover". After the software finishes scanning the hard disk, the following window is shown.

In this window, all lost partitions in the selected disk are listed. There are two kinds of operations. One is to click "Show Files" directly to unfold the lost partition and look for the corrupt files. If they can be found, we should do next operation. If not, we should go back to this window and do the other operation. Click "Full Scan" to scan the partition completely. After the scan is finished, the following window is shown.

What is shown in this window is the possible partition status before the partition is lost. Select the partition status which is the most similar to the lost partition and click "Show Files" to enter the next window.

This is the window of data recovery. All data in the lost partition are displayed. Select data that will be recovered and click "Save Files". According to the prompts provided by the software, store the recovered files to a safe location. Until now, the demonstration of corrupt files recovery has been finished. Then we can use other software to repair the corrupt files that have been recovered but are unreadable codes.

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