Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to restore files from lost partition?

The computer may be infected with viruses by accident in daily computer use. It may get computer partition lost and a lot of data files are lost at the same time, which bring us plenty of inconvenience. The accessory viruses may attack our computers when we install some software, which probably causes partition loss. We could restore files in lost partition with some professional data recovery software. However, we should know something about data recovery software before we restore files.

Data recovery principle
Why could we restore files? We should know knowledge of data storage principle. Hard disk is composed of a group of disks with magnetic coating. The basic unit storing data is sector and data read-write is realized through disk and head movement. The first sector records partition number, every partition size and starting location and it is also called master boot record (MBR). When MBR is destroyed because of bad tracks, viruses or incorrect operations, the partition is partly or completely lost. However, we could recount the partition size and location and record them in partition information table manually according to the data information features, which help us restore files.

Using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to restore files
With the powerful free data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we could restore files. It could be downloaded from the official website http://www.powerdatarecovery.com
Then we will introduce how to restore files in lost partition.

Run MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Select "Lost Partition Recovery" to restore files from lost partition.

Select the disk where the lost partition is and click "Recover" to search lost partition.

All lost partitions are listed and select the highly suggested partition and click "Show Files" to view data in the lost partition.

Select the files that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to restore files to the appointed location.

Notes for data recovery
1. The restored data can not be stored in the original partition.
2. Don't do any operation to the partition with lost files for the operation like storing files or copy files may cause the lost data covered.

These two points are necessary to restore files. However, we should check whether the recovered data is complete. If there are some problems, we could restore files again. With this free data recovery software, we can not only restore files in lost partition, but also restore files which are lost in other situations. More information about MiniTool Power Data Recovery could be obtained on the official website. 

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