Monday, January 30, 2012

How to undelete files with data recovery software

When we manage files in computer to optimize disk storage space and make seeking files convenient, it is necessary to delete some old and useless files. When we delete those useless files, it is an unfortunate thing to delete some important files because of many factors. If these important files are lost, many unnecessary losses and troubles will be brought in our lives, studies or work. Is there any way to avoid these losses and troubles? Of course there is. We should use data recovery software to undelete these important files deleted accidentally timely, rapidly and integrally, thus reducing or avoiding troubles and losses caused by the deletion of important data as mush as possible. As to data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data recovery is recommended, because the data recovery software is professional and has comprehensive functions, simple operations, high safety and reliability. For now, over a million users have witnessed its mightiness. More detailed information related to the data recovery software can be got on the official website

Methods for deleting files in Windows operating system

There are many methods for deleting files in Windows operating system. The most commonly used methods are to press "Delete" button and "Shift" + "Delete". Although both of the two methods can be used to realize deleting files, they have different effects. If we directly press "Delete" to delete files, for the sake of the security of deleted files, they will be moved to the Recycle Bin when file size is smaller than the available capacity of Recycle Bin, and if we need to remove the files from the operating system, we just need to empty Recycle Bin. But if the file size is larger than the available capacity of Recycle Bin, the file will be deleted directly (If you want to adjust "delete" style or Recycle Bin information, you can right click Recycle Bin and modify and adjust the attributes information). If we use "Delete" + "Shift" to delete files, the deleted file will be removed from the operating system instead of being moved to Recycle Bin. We can select a suitable deleting method according to our practical demands, which can reduce accidental deletions to a certain extent but can not avoid accidental deletions effectively. However, it is not very upsetting when we delete important files by accident because deleted files caused by both of the methods can be recovered. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good choice to recover lost data caused by accidental deletions.

How to undelete files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is professional data recovery software with comprehensive and multiple functions and its function for recovering accidentally deleted files is particularly good. It can help us easily, quickly and integrally undelete important files which are accidentally deleted. Then we'll introduce how to undelete files.

Firstly, visit the official website to download and install the professional data recovery software. Then run MiniTool Power Data Recovery and its simple and practical interface will be shown.

In the main interface of the professional data recovery software, five powerful function modules are provided according to users' different data recovery demands, including Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery. Here, in order to undelete files deleted by accident, we should click "Undelete Recovery".

This is the interface of the function module "Undelete Recovery". Select the partition where the accidental deleted files that will be recovered are and then click "Recover" to find all deleted files in the selected partition. And all deleted files will be listed.

In this interface, all deleted files are listed. Select the accidentally deleted files that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store the selected files.

In this interface, click "Browse…" to appoint storage location for the recovered files. Then click "OK" to finish recovery of the accidentally deleted files. And we can find the recovered files in the appointed location and the files can be used normally.

From the demonstration of recovering accidentally deleted files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we can see that using this professional data recovery software to undelete files is very simple. However, although using MiniTool Power Data Recovery to undelete files is simple and safe, we should back up data before recovering deleted files to prevent accidents from occurring in the operation of data recovery and avoid some unnecessary losses.

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