Monday, January 9, 2012

How to upgrade external hard drive from basic disk to dynamic disk?

When using multiple external hard drives to extend computer storage space, you may have to convert all external hard drives to dynamic disks for the sake of convenient management. Although this operation will facilitate managing external hard drive partitions, how to manage dynamic disks? As the long-term users of Windows operating system know, the third-party partition magic is unnecessary if we want to do well in basic disk partition management under Windows operating system. And it's the same in dynamic disk partition management. Therefore, I recommend employing the powerful partition magic software, MiniTool Partition Wizard. It is developed by famous MiniTool Solution Ltd., and its latest version is perfectly compatible with dynamic disk. For more details, please visit its official website

What is dynamic disk?
Dynamic disk has been used since Windows 2000 due to its excellent performance. Compared with basic disk, it is more flexible in management and use features, for example, no limitation on partition quantity and partition size, data fault-tolerant function, high-speed read-write operation, free resize partition, merge multiple disk spaces into one partition, and so on.

How to upgrade external hard drive from basic disk to dynamic disk
Now that dynamic disk has so many advantages, how to upgrade external hard drive from basic disk to dynamic disk? Take Windows Server 2003 for example. Firstly, enter disk management interface of Windows Server 2003, and all the hard disks connected to computer are listed. Select the external hard derive which will be upgraded to dynamic disk, and right click, as what showed below: 

Click "Convert to Dynamic Disk…" on pop-up menu to see option box below:

Confirm the desired external hard drive, and then click "OK" to upgrade it from basic disk to dynamic disk. 

Note: converting external hard drive from basic disk to dynamic disk has no influence on partition data, but the converse operation will cause all partitions and data to lose.

Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to manage external hard drive partition upgraded as dynamic disk

Before using MiniTool Partition Wizard to manage the upgraded dynamic disk, please visit its website to download the latest version, and install it on the hard disk partition not to be operated. After that, please run MiniTool Partition Wizard to see interface below: 

On the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard, click any partition on dynamic disk, all dynamic disk partition management function such as create volume, delete volume, format volume, move/resize volume, resize volume, wipe volume, volume properties, explore volume, change volume label, change volume letter, change volume cluster size, check file system and so on will appear on the action panel marked with red box. Users can use the corresponding function module, and then finish dynamic disk management according to its operation prompts.

As a matter of fact, MiniTool Partition Wizard not only has complete function, but also has high security and simple operations. What's more, MiniTool Partition Wizard can perfectly manage your external hard drive partition no matter it is basic disk or dynamic disk. Therefore, MiniTool Partition Wizard can be your best choice. 

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