Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Manage partition C drive with partition magic when partition C drive runs out of space

Since Windows 7 has been released, more and more people install this latest operating system on their computers. It is really an excellent operating system. However, as we continuously install software on system partition, our Windows 7 system partition size will become smaller and smaller, till the following condition appears: it raises a red alert which makes us realize partition C drive is to run out of space. 
At this time, managing partition C drive is the very thing we must do. Well then, how to manage partition C drive when it runs out of space? Different people have different methods. Those people who are willing to spend money buy another hard disk with larger space, and then copy all data to it. These people who are patient will backup all data to other disks, and then readjust partitions with Windows built-in disk management tool. For some people who just want to cut corners, they just clear the disk and make do with it. In fact, the best way to manage partition C drive is to extend partition C drive with the third-party partition magic. At this time, many people may raise a doubt that why we do not manage partition C drive with Windows built-in disk management tool. The reason is that disk management tool only can use the unallocated space which is behind the partition to extend the partition, namely only when unallocated space is behind the partition needing extending can we use it to extend the partition. If there is no unallocated space behind the partition, we can not extend this partition. More importantly, Windows built-in disk management tool can not resize system partition. Therefore, if we want to manage partition C drive, we have to ask the third-party partition magic for help. Among so much third-party partition magic, I recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard

Why should we extend partition C drive when C drive runs out of space?
When disk space is out of space, many problems will come one after the other, especially for partition C drive.
1. Unable to clear up file fragments: as we know file fragments will be produced in the process of using computers. Once there are so many file fragments, the system will look for files everywhere when reading files, which can lower disk performance or even shorten the service life of hard disk. If disk is out of space, we can not clear up file fragments.
2. Slow startup speed: we will find startup speed is related to left disk space when operating systems are same. The less left disk space is the lower startup speed is. When partition C drive runs out of space, startup speed of the computer is just like the speed of a snail.
3. Unable to update system software: as operating system continuously updates, Microsoft will release patches to make up operating system leaks every now and then. If partition C drive runs out of space, we can not update these patches. As a result, information stored on our computer may be exposed in front of many vicious people.

After understanding inconvenience and harms brought by partition C drive space shortage, I believe everyone can not wait to solve this problem. MiniTool Partition Wizard can help us solve partition C space shortage easily.

Methods for solving partition C drive space shortage with MiniTool Partition Wizard
To use MiniTool Partition Wizard to manage partition C drive, we should visit its official website http://www.partitionwizard.com to download this free partition magic first, and then install it on the partition where we do not perform any operation so as to avoid troubles resulting from rebooting the computer. With running this partition magic, we will see the following interface:

This is the main interface of this partition magic. To solve partition C drive space shortage, we should extend partition C drive. To extend partition C drive, there must be unallocated space. When the disk does not have enough unallocated space, we need to shrink other partitions with unused space to get enough unallocated space. We select the partition needing shrinking, and then select "Move/Resize" in the "Operations" action panel to enter the next interface. 

In this interface, we can get desired unallocated space by adjusting the length of the partition handle or inputting exact values. After clicking "OK", we go back to the main interface. 

After going back to the main interface, we find there appears an unallocated space. At this time, we select partition C drive, and then click "Move/Resize" to enter the next interface.

In the above interface, we can extend partition C drive with the unallocated space by dragging partition handle or inputting values. 

With clicking "OK", we go back to the main interface again. From this interface, we can see there appear two pending operations in "Operations Pending". At this time, we only need to click "Apply" functional button, and partitioning C drive management can be realized successfully

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