Thursday, January 19, 2012

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is powerful files recovery software

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a piece of powerful file recovery software. If computer files are deleted or damaged by viruses or if there are file losses caused by formatted partition, we can use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost files because the lost files do not disappear and they are still stored in hard disk. When deleting files, the operating system only marks the deleted files with a "deleted" sign and mark the disk space taken up by file data as "idle" status, so we can not find this kind of files in the operating system. If only no new file is created and no new data is written to the hard disk, the deleted files will not be destroyed and we may successfully perform files recovery with the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Success rate of files recovery
Recovering deleted data is realized through technical analysis after the software search the residual information of the deleted files. This data recovery software is able to recover the information of the original files through advanced file recovery technology and accurate algorithm, improving success rate of file recovery to the maximum. But this technology may be restricted by some factors such as disk fragment, styles used by users to create files and lost data overwritten caused by other operations, so success rate of files recovery can not be absolutely guaranteed, especially in FAT32 partition. The residual information of deleted files is little and disk fragments also have influence on files recovery, so success rate of files recovery in FAT32 is lower than that in NTFS file system. As to deleted files (including files deleted directly without being moved to Recycle Bin) in NTFS partitions, only if they are not overwritten by the new stored data, the success rate of recovering lost data with this files recovery software is nearly 100% or reach 100%.

Characteristic miscellaneous functions of files recovery
Besides powerful files recovery function, this files recovery software also has many characteristic miscellaneous functions to facilitate files recovery of the desired files, for example, recovering pictures. Maybe many users have ever used some other files recovery software to recover lost pictures. After the files recovery software finds all deleted pictures, it is difficult for us to find the desired pictures among all listed pictures. We are confused because we can not view the picture and can not confirm which the desired pictures are. But it is easier with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, for the files recovery software has a powerful preview function with which we can preview every picture and then find the pictures that will be recovered easily.

In this interface, it is easy to find the pictures that will be recovered. And the operation of files recovery is also very simple. Select the desired pictures and click "Save Files" to recover lost files.

Through the brief introduction to the files recovery software, maybe many users have had a basic understanding to MiniTool Power Data Recovery. If users want to use the files recovery software or need to learn more about files recovery functions, you can visit the official website

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