Monday, January 16, 2012

Recover disc image with disc image recovery software

It is not difficult to recover lost data in hard disc with data recovery software, for most data recovery software has similar operations to recover lost data. Firstly, we need to scan disc. Then get scanning result. Lastly, find the desired data and recover it. But it is a little complicated to recover disc image which is deleted by accidental deletion or viruses. All deleted images that have ever been in hard disc will be found and listed and it is hard to find the desired one among so many images if the user does not know the name of the image, especially images in digital camera, which are named according to numbers and have similar names. At this time, we need to recover all of them. This kind of recovery costs time and energy, and sometimes the desired images are not among these recovered pictures. If users have encountered this situation, MiniTool Power Data Recovery could solve this problem. If haven't, we should be prepared for this situation, just in case.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery, powerful disc image recovery software
As to disc image recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is first suggested because it has powerful function and is able to help users find desired image quickly. And the operation of disc image recovery is simple. First of all, we should download this disc image recovery software from the official website Then install and launch it.

Five function modules are provided and everyone has its own feature, recovering lost data in different situations. Take "Undelete Recovery" for example. The corresponding introduction information will be shown when we put mouse on the module. Select this function module.

Select the partition where the lost image is and click "Recover". Then this disc image recovery software will scan the selected partition. 

This is the scanning result and lots of pictures are listed. Change file list view style to "Thumbnail"

We can see the preview effect of every picture. Select the images that will be recovered and click "Save Files". 

In this interface, set save path and click "OK". The recovered images can be found in the appointed storage location.

This is the demonstration of recovering disc images. As to other data recovery functions, the detailed information can be got on the official website. 

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