Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recover lost data with HDD recovery software

In order to effectively guarantee data security effectively in hard disk, we are supposed to develop a good habit of backing up data. Besides, we ought to know how to recover lost data in hard disk drive (HDD) as well. When encountering data losses caused by simple reasons like accidental deletions or accidental formatting, many users give up recovering lost data because they think that if Recycle Bin is emptied or partition is formatted, the data are removed thoroughly. Actually, this conception is not true. Normally, even if deleted, the data still exist in HDD. The operating system marks the sectors storing data with a deletion sign and it can not be read. So the users think the data is deleted thoroughly. However, it is easy to recover lost data resulting from this situation. Only some professional HDD recovery software is needed. But how to find some professional HDD recovery software has become the point computer users are paying attention to. Fortunately, MiniTool Power Data recovery is able to solve most data loss problems. If users are unfamiliar with this HDD recovery software, more detailed information can be got on the official website 

Although a lot of data recovery software can be searched on the internet, it is not as excellent as we imagine. Most has many bugs. Malicious programs like Trojan Horses will take advantage of these bugs. This kind of software is likely to make HDD recovery failure and cause more data losses. It is essential to choose professional, secure and reliable HDD recovery software. And MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best choice. It is released by the professional data recovery company MiniTool Solution Ltd. that has been working on data recovery for many years and has excellent data recovery technology. Tested repeatedly, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is very reliable. And this HDD recovery software has powerful functions and is able to recover lost data in many different situations.

This is the main interface of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. When encountering data losses caused by accidental deletion, we could employ the function module "Undelete Recovery" to recover lost data in HDD. If data losses are caused by damaged partition or formatted partition, the function module "Damaged Partition Recovery" is employed to recover lost data. "Digital Media Recovery" is recommended to recover lost media files like pictures. Then we will demonstrate how to recover lost pictures with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Recovering lost pictures with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Firstly, select "Digital Media Recovery".

Then select the partition where the lost pictures are and click "Full Scan". (For the sake of full scan, we should wait patiently. We ought not to do other operations before the scan is finished.)

After the scan is finished, all lost pictures are listed in thumbnail style, facilitating our selection. Select the pictures that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them. When setting save path, we should not store the recovered pictures to the original partition because it may cause data overwritten and influence recovery effect. After storing the pictures, we have recovered the lost pictures successfully.

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