Monday, January 2, 2012

SmartMedia recovery could be realized with free data recovery software

SmartMedia card is called SM card for short, which was released by Toshiba in 1995. Considered the substitute of floppy disk, it was named as "Solid State Floppy Disk Card" (SSFDC) at first. With thickness of 0.76mm, SmartMedia card was once the lightest and thinnest storage card. SmartMedia card was widely used in electronic devices like digital camera at that time. It prevailed around 2001 and took up about 50% of the market share. However, it went downhill later. Along with the swift development of electronic products, the sizes of digital cameras became smaller and smaller and SmartMedia card was a little bigger for them. Besides, low compatibility also attributed to the decline of SmartMedia card. The earlier used digital cameras supporting SmartMedia card were not in support of large capacity storage cards and different types of storage cards had different read styles. Therefore, SmartMedia Card was not used so widely. Nevertheless, there are still some old cameras using SmartMedia card and they often go wrong, which causes picture losses in SmartMedia card. When encountering this situation, many users are unable to carry out SmartMedia recovery because there is little free data recovery software supporting SmartMedia card. But I recommend the professional one MiniTool Power Data Recovery which support free data recovery in various storage devices including SmartMedia recovery. Moreover, the operation is very simple. You could easily achieve SmartMedia recovery without any demand for data recovery technology, only following the instructions of the free data recovery software.

Detailed introduction to MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is free data recovery software released by the professional software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd.. We could download it on the official website . Then install and launch it.

There are five function modules in the main interface.
1. "Undelete Recovery": Recover lost data caused by accidental deletion and recover lost data emptied from recycle bin.
2. "Damaged Partition Recovery": Recover lost data caused by accidental formatting and recover lost data in damaged partition.
3. "Lost Partition Recovery": Recover lost data in lost partition.
4. "Digital Media Recovery": Recover lost data in digital media such as digital camera.
5. "CD/DVD Recovery": Recover lost data in optical disk like CD/DVD.
Then how to recover lost data in SmartMedia card? Connect the SmartMedia card to the computer and click "Digital Media Recovery".

Demonstrations for SmartMedia Recovery
The following window is shown after we click "Digital Media Recovery".

Select SmartMedia card partition and click "Full Scan" to scan SM card.

Wait patiently. If we click "Cancel", we may not find pictures that will be recovered because data search is not complete.

All lost media files are listed (only image files are listed because the SmartMedia card stores pictures only). After selecting pictures that will be recovered, click "Save Files" and set saving path. We will successfully accomplish SmartMedia Recovery after execute all operations. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is excellent free data recovery software because of its simple operation and comprehensive functions. It is worthy of our trust. 

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