Monday, January 16, 2012

There is excellent deleted file recovery freeware

Maybe every user has ever encountered this annoying situation where we delete some important files by accident when deleting useless files in computer. As we all know, we can recover deleted file with data recovery software. However, we will worry about that some deleted file recovery freeware may has low data recovery ability, but the data recovery that is worth being trusted is very expensive. Fortunately, the professional data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery comes out. It is a kind of deleted file recovery freeware which could recover lost data less than 1 GB. For users who recover a small amount of data, free data recovery can be performed if the amount of data that will be recovered is less than 1 GB. More detailed information can be obtained on the official website

MiniTool Power Data Recovery - powerful data recovery software
This free data recovery software is able to recover lost data in many situations. Its operation interface is very concise.

This is the main interface of the free data recovery software. Five function modules are provided to recover lost data in different situations. For example, we can employ "Undelete Recovery" to recover lost data resulting from accidental deletions. These functions could be employed to recover all types of files lost in computers.

Picture preview function
Among the five function modules, "Digital Media Recovery" is specially designed to recover lost data in mobile digital devices like digital camera which is likely to store plenty of pictures. When we use this free data recovery software to recover lost data in digital camera, the software will scan files in memory and all scanned files will be listed. 

This is the scanning result. All deleted pictures are listed. Through the picture preview function, we can see every picture clearly and find the desired pictures easily. Select the pictures that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store pictures.

Filter scanning of file types
Before the software scans files, we can set file type in "Advanced Setting" and the software only scan files with related type. 

This is the interface of "Advanced Setting". Select file types of the data that will be recovered. Then click "OK", and the free data recovery software will scan files with identified types, which could pinpoint the desired pictures.

As I introduced just now, this data recovery software could recover files whose amount is less than 1 GB for free. We can download it from the official website and install it in the computer, just in case. After data is deleted by accident, we can use it to recover lost data in time. By the way, data recovery should be performed as soon as possible because all data recovery is based on the premise that the deleted files still exist in hard disk. Otherwise, the deleted data may be overwritten after a long time and it can not be recovered forever. So preparation for data recovery could improve success rate of data recovery. 

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