Thursday, January 12, 2012

The way to resize Windows 7 partition

Many Windows 7 users know it is important to resize Windows 7 partition when they perform daily partition management, because it is indispensible to keep Windows 7 optimum performance, to enhance disk utilization rate, and to keep the most reasonable partition planning. However, how to resize Windows 7 partition when Windows 7 partition is being used? Actually, there are many ways to resize Windows 7 partition. Among these ways, the most commonly used ways are to use Windows 7 built-in disk management tool and use the third party partition magic. Both of them have their own advantages and we can select them to accomplish Windows 7 resizing according to our demands. Nevertheless, if we want to resize Windows 7 system partition which stores important data, we had better select a professional partition magic which can ensure data safety. MiniTool Partition Wizard is such a kind of excellent professional partition magic.

Resize Windows 7 partition with system built-in disk management tool

As is well known, the system built-in disk management of Windows 7 released by the software tycoon Microsoft has been improved to a large extent, and newly added function Extend Partition and improved function Shrink Partition make it possible to resize Windows 7 partition. To resize Windows 7 partition with this tool, we should open it. The steps for opening it are as follows: Start – Computer – Computer Management – Disk Management

The above interface is the screenshot of this disk management tool's main interface. Here, right click any Windows 7 partition, and then a shortcut menu showing all partition management functions appears just like the following interface:

This shortcut shows us many commonly used partition management functions, such as format partition, extend partition, shrink partition and delete partition. However, in the process of resizing Windows 7 partition with these functions, we will find it is not so simple to accomplish resizing, and most of the time, it is impossible to extend Windows 7 partition with this tool. That is because our disk does not have unallocated space most of the time while extending partition requires unallocated space adjacent to the destination partition. At this time, we need to adjust partition location so as to create the condition. However, Windows 7 built-in disk management tool does not have the function Move Partition. Well, what should we do at this time? Is there a better way to resize Windows 7 partition? Yes, the third partition magic is a good choice.

Resize Windows 7 partition easily with a third partition magic
When users resize Windows 7 partition with a third party partition magic, what they care about most, I believe, is data safety. To resize Windows 7 partition without damaging data, MiniTool Partition Wizard which is easy, safe and reliable to operate is our best choice. After running this partition magic, the following main interface will appear:

The display list of this main interface shows us all storage devices and partition condition. After we select any partition, there will appear all-sided partition management functions in "Operations" area like the following interface:

Among these partition management functions, we can see the function "Move/Resize" clearly. This function sets Resize Partition and Move Partition as a whole, so we can resize Windows 7 partition more conveniently and flexibly. The official website of this partition magic provides users with detailed and professional demonstrations of how to resize Windows 7 partition, and this partition magic offers specific operating prompts. As long as we operate it according to prompts, we can accomplish Windows 7 partition resizing easily.

From the above introduction, we can see it is not difficult to resize Windows 7 partition. If we want to resize Windows 7 partition safely and quickly, powerful MiniTool Partition Wizard is our best choice.

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