Monday, January 2, 2012

We can undelete data in different situations with MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Undelete Utility is a kind of deleted data recovery tool which is universally used in digital information era. We could use Undelete Utility to undelete data. Undelete Utility is necessary for us to undelete data because important data losses may cause great economic losses as well as all kinds of troubles. For an enterprise, if the client information is deleted, they may lose all their clients. For individuals, private data loss will bring much annoyance. Therefore, Undelete Utility is of great importance. Many users may have the misconception that only the deleted data in recycle bin can be recovered and other kinds of deleted data can not be recovered. Actually the deleted data still exists in disk. It is only marked with a special sign and we can not view it, but it can be recovered with Undelete utility. I recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery to undelete data. It provides "Advanced Filter" function, which is convenient for users to search deleted data quickly. However, before recovering deleted data, we should not store new data in the location where deleted data lies because the new stored data will cover the deleted data, which may lead to data recovery failure. 

Five functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an Undelete Utility released by MiniTool Solution ltd. It could undelete data in many situations. The five function modules are designed for different conditions. We can view them from the following picture.

Five functions of the Undelete Utility, MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
1. "Undelete Recovery": Undelete data deleted from recycle bin and undelete data in other situations.
2. "Damaged Partition Recovery": Undelete data in damaged partitions.
3. "Lost Partition Recovery": Undelete data in lost partitions.
4. "Digital Media Recovery": Undelete data in storage devices like memory card, memory stick and flash memory.
5. "CD/DVD Recovery": Undelete data in optical disks.
We can select the corresponding function module according to different data loss situations.

Comprehensive data search function
It is bothering that we can not find the desired data quickly and accurately because there are too many deleted files listed. However, the "Advanced Filter" function provided by MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the powerful Undelete Utility, facilitates search for data. With the "Advanced Filter" function of this Undelete Utility, we can input the accurate date information to find the desired data as soon as possible. And few other Undelete Utilities have this function. 

This is the main interface of "Advanced Filter". The Undelete Utility provides three methods for data search. We could look for data by selecting filename or extension name and identifying file size or setting date information. All in all, the "Advanced Filter" function can help users find data quickly and accurately, which make data recovery easy. 

Undelete data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
First of all, download MiniTool Power Data Recovery on the official website and install it. Then launch the Undelete Utility. 

In the main window, select "Undelete Recovery" to recover deleted data.

Select the partition where the deleted data is located and click "Recover" to scan the deleted data

Select the data that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store the recovered data in appointed location. For now, we have successfully recovered deleted data.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an excellent Undelete Utility with which we could undelete data easily. Moreover, this Undelete Utility could recover data even if the operating system breaks down, but other free data recovery software cannot make it. More information about MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be got on the official website

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