Thursday, February 9, 2012

Convert FAT32 to NTFS in Windows XP and Vista with partition magic

Many users complain that FAT32 has many limitations in Windows XP and Vista because many applications can not be carried out. For instance, we can not store single file larger than 4GB, encrypt files or folders, perform quota and set permission allocation, etc. With these limitations, FAT32 can not meet our needs, for the single file size keeps increasing and our demands for security keeps improving. However, NTFS has no such kind of defects. It has been proved that NTFS is convenient for users to manage partition files, so it is necessary to convert FAT32 to NTFS. But how to convert FAT32 in Windows XP and Vista without any data loss and damage is the question that we should pay attention to.

How to convert FAT32 in Windows XP and Vista?
We need some professional partition magic to convert FAT32 to NTFS in Windows XP and Vista. There are much partition magic could realize this conversion but little is free. Is there some powerful and free partition magic? MiniTool Partition Wizard, released by MiniTool Solution Ltd., is recommended. By employing the function "Convert FAT to NTFS", we can accomplish the conversion. In the process converting, data security can be guaranteed. This is another factor contributing to my recommendation.

Security guarantee of MiniTool Partition Wizard
Maybe many users are worrying about data security in Windows XP and Vista when they convert FAT32 to NTFS with MiniTool Partition Wizard. Actually, this worry is unnecessary because MiniTool Partition Wizard has high compatibility and runs perfectly in various kinds of operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, etc. What's more, the operation of this partition magic is simple and convenient. Its preview effect decreases the possibility of accidental operation and guarantees partition security. Therefore, MiniTool Partition Wizard is the best choice to convert FAT32 in Windows XP and Vista.

Convert FAT32 to NTFS with MiniTool Partition Wizard
Partition data is absolutely safe when we convert FAT32 to NTFS with the partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard. Before converting FAT32 to NTFS, we should download this partition magic from the official website. Then install and run it.

In the main window, select FAT32 partition that will be converted and right click mouse. Then click "Convert FAT to NTFS" in the shortcut menu. 

Click "Start" to begin to convert FAT32 to NTFS. After the conversion, click "Close" to return to the main window.

In this window, we can see that FAT32 has been converted to NTFS successfully.
MiniTool Partition Wizard runs perfectly in many operating systems and it has different editions for different users. More partition management functions of MiniTool Partition Wizard can be got on the official website

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