Friday, February 3, 2012

Data recovery freeware, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, recovers data easier than drive cloning software

Drive cloning software is a common kind of software in computer. Drive cloning software clones all data in computer disk and partition. When source data encounter damage or loss, we can use backups to restore damaged data easily. Therefore, drive cloning software promotes data security in the computer to a large extent. That makes drive cloning software a popular computer application. However, drive cloning software still has shortages. It cannot replace data recovery software completely.

Actually, drive cloning software is not so practical because it requires users to back up data anytime, wasting much time. In this highly effective era, no one would like to spend a lot of time on backing up data. And if we do not use drive cloning software to back up data in time, we cannot keep the integrality of backups. Incomplete backups will have great problem to restore source data. Therefore, although drive cloning software cannot replace data recovery software, they should perform their own functions in the computer and work together to guarantee data security.

Advantages of data recovery software
Data recovery software has many advantages like availability, high efficiency, great flexibility, and so on. Availability and high efficiency are according to its convenience of using and data recovery efficiency. How about the great flexibility?

If you want to relay on drive cloning software to restore source data, you have to back up source data in time. That is a limitation, because your data recovery work completely depends on the integrality of backups. With incomplete backups, you are unable to restore source data fully. But with data recovery software, you will have no such trouble. Once important data is lost, you can use data recovery software to recover lost data anytime. And recovery efficiency only depends on software quality, but not data amount. That's why we say data recovery software has better flexibility than drive cloning software.

Use data recovery software to recover lost data
Since data recovery software has so important effect on protecting data security, how can we use data recovery software to recover data perfectly? I have mentioned that recovery efficiency depends on the software quality, so we should choose a good-qualified data recovery software to guarantee complete data recovery. Here I recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery to you. Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery from its official website and install it to your computer: In the main interface, MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides users with five functional modules to recover different kinds of lost data. According to your specific situation, you can choose a best solution from the five. Let's take accidental deletion for example to see how powerful MiniTool Power Data Recovery recovers deleted data fast and easily.
1. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery and click "Undelete Recovery" button. 

2. In the following interface, select the partition where deleted data were, and then click "Recover" button. 

3. In the list of scanned data, select the files to be recovered, and then click "Save Files". 

After setting save path by clicking "Save Files", all work of recovering deleted data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery is done. Now you can find the lost data in the appointed location and use them normally.

The simple operation of using the professional data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, to recover lost data fully shows its great availability and flexibility. Indeed, with the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery, you can recover lost data in time. The powerful data recovery capability of MiniTool Power Data Recovery will bring you excellent experience! Please download it at the official website.

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