Friday, February 17, 2012

Easy way to recover file for Mac

Users who know computer operating systems may know that Mac operating systems are completely different from Windows operating systems and there are great differences in data storage and management styles. In windows operating systems, the most common file systems are FAT and NTFS and the smallest storage unit is defined as "cluster" while in Mac operating systems, the most common file systems are HFS and HFS+ and the smallest storage unit is "logical block". From the comparison of the file systems in the two kinds of operating systems, we can know that HFS or HFS+ file system used in Mac operating systems has higher stability and security, which is the reason why Mac computers are greatly appreciated by many users.

Does it mean data losses will not occur in Mac because of its higher stability and security? Actually the answer is negative. Maybe in the period when Mac was just released, users did not need to worry about virus attacks to Mac. However, with the swift development of software technology, a lot of viruses threatening Mac data have been generated and they may lead to Mac data losses anytime. The threats to Mac data are not only from virus attacks and accidental deletions and accidental formatted partitions in daily computer use are likely to result in data losses as well. Therefore, Mac data losses are common for us. 

Users who have data recovery experience in Windows operating systems perhaps know that data recovery software used in Windows operating system can not operate in Mac operating systems. And it makes Mac users feel helpless when they encounter Mac data losses. But the situation is different now. MiniTool Solution Ltd. has released the professional Mac data recovery software - MiniTool Mac Data Recovery with which we can recover file for Mac. And this Mac file recovery software has solved almost all data losses problems that Mac users encountered.

Recover file for Mac with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

Perhaps some users have the question how to recover file for Mac with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. As to this question, users who have ever used the file recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery released by MiniTool Solution Ltd. may know that the file recovery software has specific file recovery modules and we can use different modules to recover lost data in different situations. As to MiniTool Mac Data Recovery used to recover file for Mac, the same method is adopted. Aiming at the most common data losses caused by accidental deletions, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery provides "Undelete Recovery" function module; in order to recover file for Mac from the damaged partition or formatted partition caused by viruses, "Damaged Partition Recovery" is provided; and "Lost Partition Recovery" is used to recover file for Mac from lost partition; as to media file losses, "Digital Media Recovery" can be used. The following picture is the main window of the Mac data recovery software.

Maybe users who have ever used MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is data recovery software used in Windows operating systems will find that the function modules of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery are so similar to those of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Is it really able to recover file for Mac? As to this question, we will answer it through the following demonstration.

Perform Mac media file recovery with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
In order to dispel some users' doubt about the recovery functions of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, we will demonstrate how to recover media file for Mac with the Mac file recovery software.
First of all, visit its official website to download and install the Mac file recovery software. Then run it. Select "Digital Media Recovery" in the main window.

In this window, select the partition where lost media files are and click "Full Scan" to scan the partition completely. 

After the scan is finished, all lost media files in the partition are viewed. Select the files that will be recovered and then click "Save Files" to finish medial file recovery for Mac.

From the demonstration, we can see that the file recovery operations are very simple. The Mac file recovery software is easy to operate and has powerful file recovery functions, so it is worth our trust.  

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