Thursday, February 16, 2012

Great MAC disk recovery program recommendation: MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

Data loss is a terrible disaster for every MAC user. It brings numerous losses to us. At this time, a MAC data recovery program can provide you with data security guarantee. With the growing popularity of MAC, more and more MAC disk recovery programs are emerging in the market. Too many choices make MAC users feel bewildered to find a suitable MAC data recovery program. For that, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is recommended. As the most popular MAC data recovery program, its marvelous performance will certainly surprise you.

What does MiniTool Mac Data Recovery bring you?
The reason why MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is so outstanding among those MAC disk recovery programs is owing to its unique techniques. Various factors will cause data loss. Therefore, not every MAC disk recovery program is able to solve all these data loss problems. As a multi-functional MAC data recovery program, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can help you solve almost all kinds of data loss problems. 

1. "Undelete Recovery": this functional module aims at the most common accidentally deleted data recovery. If you delete some data accidentally, it will help you recover lost data.
2. "Damaged Partition Recovery": this functional module aims at recovering lost data from damaged partition. You can use this functional module before you format the damaged partition.
3. "Lost Partition Recovery": when you found partition was lost in your disk, this functional module would be able to find lost partition back and recover lost data easily.
4. "Digital Media Recovery": with this functional module, once your important external storage devices like USB Flash Memory, iPod, digital camera, mobile HD, etc, encounter data loss, you can recover them easily.

MAC configuration requirement for MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Every MAC data recovery program can only work under certain environment. Of course, not like large size software, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery requires simple configurations that every MAC can satisfy. For CPU, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery requires Intel Pentium 1000MHz at least. For operating system, it requires at least 10.5. And for hard disk, it requires at least 1G. These hardware requirements are easy for every kind of MAC.

Notices of using MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
1. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery provides free edition. Download MiniTool Mac Data Recovery for free and install it to your MAC. But you should not install it to the partition that needs to recover data.
2. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery has multiple detailed functions, such as advanced filtering and image preview. Mastering them can help promote data recovery efficiency.
3. When you are saving recovered data, save them to other partitions for fear of data overwriting.

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, like other MAC disk recovery programs, has its unique function design. For better understanding of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, you can visit the official website:

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