Monday, February 13, 2012

How to recover data from deleted partition for MAC

In daily MAC use, many users may have ever come across partition loss caused by virus infection or artificial deletion. And they feel panic-stricken but do not know how to solve the problem when facing this situation. We will introduce reasonable solutions to all MAC users. When partition loss occurs, we can cope with it in two ways.

If there is no data in the deleted partition, it will not bring serious losses for users, only influencing disk utilization ratio. At this time, we can use MAC built-in Disk Utility to create new partition or extend other partitions, reusing the space of the deleted partition. Successively click "Applications" – "Utilities" – "Disk Utility" to open Disk Utility and then select "Partition" to enter partition management interface, just as the following picture shows.

In the interface, we can see there is an unallocated space (when partition is lost, unallocated space like this will appear), click the button  below to create a new partition and we can reuse the space. Besides, we can also use this unallocated space to extend partition above it. Then the problem of partition loss is solved. 

If there are data in the lost partition, the above method is not advisable, because it will make data lost forever, causing us serious consequences. When encountering this situation, we should recover deleted partition data for MAC first, and then create new partition, which is the best solution. Maybe many users doubt whether we can recover deleted partition data for MAC or not since the partition has been lost. However, we can easily make it as long as we have the professional MAC data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Then we'll introduce it in detail.

Recover deleted partition data for MAC with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Firstly, we need to visit its official website to freely download MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Then install and run this MAC data recovery software. 

In the main interface, we can clearly see the function modules of this professional MAC data recovery software. Click "Lost Partition Recovery" which is earmarked for recovering lost or deleted partition data for MAC.

After seeing this interface, select the disk where the deleted partition is and click "Recover" to scan lost partitions. Then MiniTool Mac Data Recovery will automatically perform "Quick Scan" and "Full Scan" and we should wait patiently. After the scan process is finished, we will see the following picture.

In this interface, select the partition similar to the lost partition and click "Show Files" to view partition data.

Check the data that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to finish recovering deleted partition data for MAC.

After we recover deleted partition data for MAC, we also need to create or extend partition for the sake of full use of disk space. After that, we will solve partition loss problem in real meaning.

From the above demonstration, we will not panic when coming across partition loss again. And the lost partition will not bring any influence if we do operations as the demonstration shows.

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