Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to recover deleted partition data for Mac?

That partition storing data is lost occurs frequently due to Mac users' accidental operations when they manage partition. When coming across this situation, we firstly think about recovering lost data from lost partition. However, these serious data losses caused by lost partition are hard to deal with. Several years ago, it was difficult to recover deleted partition data. But the situation is different nowadays. Because of the emergence of Mac data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, we can easily recover deleted partition data for Mac. Perhaps many users are not familiar with the Mac Data Recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Then we will introduce it briefly.

Introduction to the Mac data recovery software - MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Maybe many Windows users have ever used the data recovery software named MiniTool Power Data Recovery and these users know well about its powerful recovery ability. From their names, we can see that MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and MiniTool Power Data Recovery are related to each other. Yes. These two pieces of data recovery software are developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd.. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is specially used to recover lost data in Windows operating systems while MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is earmarked for Mac data recovery. Some users are likely to suspect the data recovery ability of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Does it have the same powerful data recovery ability as MiniTool Power Data Recovery has? As to data recovery ability of the Mac data recovery software, we need not worry about it, because it is able to recover lost data in various situations, such as the situation where users delete data by accident, format partition accidentally and remove partition mistakenly. Besides, as to the most common data losses caused by virus attacks, it can also realize Mac data recovery very well. All the information can be got on the official website After introducing MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, we'll go back to the first topic - how to recover deleted partition data for Mac. It will be demonstrated in detail.

Recover deleted partition data for Mac with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Firstly, visit the official website to download and install the free Mac data recovery software. Then run it.

In the main window, four recovery function modules are provided. Select "Lost Partition Recovery" function module to recover deleted partition data for Mac. 

After entering the function module, select the disk where the lost partition is, and click "Recover". And the Mac data recovery software will automatically scan all lost partitions in the disk. After the scan is finished, select the partition having the highest "Suggested" value and click "Show Files" to view files in this partition.

Select the files that will be recovered and then click "Save Files" to finish recovering deleted partition data for Mac.

From the operation demonstration, we can see that recovering deleted partition data for Mac is so easy. Not only the operations of the function module "Lost Partition Recovery" are so simple, but the operations of the other recovery function modules are simple as well. What are you waiting for? Just download and use this Mac data recovery software to prevent serious consequences caused by data losses.  

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