Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to recover Mac deleted file?

Maybe many Mac users have the question how to recover Mac deleted file, for Mac files are often deleted by accident in daily Mac use, and these deleted files may contain very important files. When the important files are lost, nobody hopes it disappears in this way. Then how to recover Mac deleted data? Actually users who are familiar with Mac know that Mac does well in preventing files from being deleted accidentally, because all Mac deleted data are firstly put in Trash and deleted file in Trash can be recovered easily, which prevents Mac data from being deleted by accident to a great extent.

How to recover Mac deleted file from Trash?
In fact, it is very easy to recover Mac deleted file from Trash. We just need to unfold Trash and right click the deleted file that will be recovered. After that, we can see a function operation "Put Back" in the pop-pup menu. Then click it to perform Mac deleted file recovery, just as the following picture shows. 

However, in practical Mac operations, the situations in which files are deleted accidentally are not so simple because we may empty Trash casually and Mac deleted files can not be recovered through Trash at this time. What should we do to perform Mac deleted data recovery? As a matter of fact, we need not worry too much about this situation where Trash is emptied. We may as well try the powerful and professional Mac file recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

The way to recover Mac deleted file with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
Before the emergence of the professional Mac file recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, Mac users were always annoyed by the problem that the deleted important data can not be recovered after being deleted by accident. However, this annoyance disappears along with the emergence of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. When Mac files are deleted accidentally and Trash is emptied, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can help use recover deleted Mac file easily. 

From the main window of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery we can see the Mac file recovery software provides four function modules according to users' different file recovery demands. Among them, "Undelete Recovery" is specially used to recover Mac deleted file. Apart from "Undelete Recovery" function module, the other three function modules also have powerful recovery ability. They can easily help us recover lost Mac files caused by formatting, partition damage, and so on. More function details can be obtained on the official website

That Mac files are deleted accidentally is extremely common data losses. When encountering this situation, we should keep a positive attitude because no matter how anxious we are, Mac deleted file recovery can not be performed automatically. We should immediately take action to protect the partition where the lost files are from being read and written in, thus preventing the lost data from being overwritten. Then we can use the professional Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to carry out Mac deleted file recovery.

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