Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is nearly impossible to recover data from CD in Mac

Compact Disc is called CD for short. It is a kind of optical disk mainly used to store high-quality digital music. Since released in 1982, it has been the standard storage format for commercial recording, appreciated by all music lovers, and ever one of the most widely used storage devices in PC. Owning a Mac computer which is famous for its powerful functions of videos and music entertainment, many users would like to use Mac to listen to the beautiful music stored in CD. However, used frequently or exposed in the environment, CD is prone to damage, thus leading to music data loss in CD. But nobody looks forward to forever disappearance of the beloved music files. Many users want to recover data from CD in Mac, yet the results are always disappointing because it is very difficult to recover data from CD in Mac. Mac is not like Windows operating system which has rather intact supply channels of the third-party software, which makes it nearly impossible to recover data from CD in Mac. Nevertheless, this dilemma is about to end, not because of the emergence of Mac CD recovery software but because of the cancellation of built-in drivers in the newly produced Mac products, which reveals the termination of CD-ROM in Mac to a large extent.

Reasons for the termination of Mac CD-ROM
Seeing the above content, many users can not understand the action of Apple Inc.: why is Mac CD-ROM era to end? Is it due to the difficulty of recovering data from CD in Mac? Obviously it isn't. As data storage can be realized through network and U disk, computer users rely on optical storage devices less and less. Owing to the improvement of the global network speed, we can conveniently and fast download the high-quality music which was stored in CD before to computer disk or U disk through the Internet. This is the main reason why Mac CD-ROM era will be terminated. Then, for the purpose of lightness and thinness, the removal of driver is a good method for keeping fashion and splendor of Mac. No matter which reason leads to the end of Mac CD-ROM, the annoyance of recovering data from CD in Mac has been got rid of. It is easier for us to recover lost data after data loss if we use hard disk to store music files. What we need is just a piece of professional Mac data recovery software.

Professional Mac data recovery software - MiniTool Mac Data Recovery
MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is professional data recovery software released by the famous MiniTool Solution Ltd. and specially designed for Mac. This professional Mac data recovery software is not only in support of common file systems and storage devices in Mac, but also has powerful data recovery functions. Visit its official website to download and install this Mac data recovery software. Then run it and we can see its simple and utility main interface. 

From the main interface of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, we can see this software has four relatively independent function modules which are aimed at different data loss situations. In order to recover lost music data from Mac, it is suggested to use "Digital Media Recovery" which is earmarked for digital file recovery. And the following picture will be shown. 

In this interface, select the partition where the lost music data were originally stored and click "Full Scan" to scan the partition. The scanning time differs according to partition capacity and files quantity. Please wait patiently and the following picture will appear after the scan is finished.

In this interface, all digital data (image data, music data and video data) are listed. Check the music data needing to be recovered and click "Save Files". The following picture will be shown.

In this interface, click "Browse…" and store the recovered music data to a safe location. Then click "OK" to finish recovering lost music data from Mac.

From the above operation, we can see it is easy to recover lost music data from Mac hard disk. Compared with recovering data from CD in Mac, it has a lot of advantages, and the advantages of discarding CD-ROM far outweigh the disadvantages for Mac users.

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